Wednesday 25 May 2016

“Nuclear war is not the end of the world.” - ex- MP

Foot in Mouth award – another former ACT MP plumbs new depths of dumbness

25 May, 2016

Foot In Mouth Award
This Award is for a comment has has to be heard to be believed. It must rank as truly one of the dumbest things a politician (or former politician, in this case) has ever uttered in the entire million-year long history of Homo Sapiens.
The Award goes to former ACT MP, Heather Roy, for stating – with a straight face and without a hint of irony;

"Nuclear war is not the end of the world."

Nuclear war is not the end of the world.” 

I kid you not.
Check it out for yourself on TVNZ’s website, HERE. The relevant comment is at 6.04;
Nuclear war is not the end of the world.”

And Righties call us the “looney left”?!
I guess in a way, Ms Roy is correct; “Nuclear war is not the end of the world” – if you’re a cockroach. It’s more like an opportunity.

An opportunity to snack on 7.5 billion charred human corpses amidst the ruins of what was once a civilisation on planet Earth.

Absolutely. Barking. Mad.



To hear the nonsense spoken by ignorant people GO HERE

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