Monday 30 May 2016

Turkey 'freaks out'

Terror Group Insignia’: Turks Freak Out as US Special Forces Wear Badge of Kurds

Turkey is freaking out.

During this past week, US special operations soldiers were spotted in Syria working alongside the Kurds and wearing their insignias.

Turkey has since well and truly freaked out about the revelation, as they view the Kurdish YPG as a terror group.

Meanwhile, the Turks apparently have no problem with jihadists and supplies for terroristscrossing their border on a daily basis.

Watch the following report from RT for the full story:

Turkey Supports Syria Al Qaeda By Convoys of Weapon: Russian Gen. Staff

By Ian Greenhalgh 
29 May, 2016
Head of the Russian General Staff Lt. Gen. Sergey Rudskoy has said that the never-ending flow of large trucks from Turkey carrying weapons and ammunition crosses the Turkish-Syrian border to deliver them to Al-Nusra Front Terrorists in Syria.
Russian airstrikes against Turkish convoys carrying stolen oil have hurt the terrorists and strained Turkish-Russian relations
Russian airstrikes against Turkish convoys carrying stolen oil out of Syria and Iraq have hurt the finances of the terrorists and strained Turkish-Russian relations

It is becoming ever more obvious to people around the world that Turkey is largely responsible for the continuing war in Syria – I won’t call it a civil war as it is plainly not that, rather something far more complex and multi-layered with international players directly involved.
Why are people realising that Turkey is upto it’s neck in ISIS? Simple, because they can see from any map of the region that the areas where ISIS is in control are adjoining the Turkish border and that is the only route for supplies and weapons to reach ISIS – through Turkey. 
What people are asking is why can’t the US, NATO and Russia get together and act decisively against ISIS and the sundry other terrorist groups in the region? After all, they each have a military presence in the region and have carried out air strikes over Syria; surely the combined firepower and resources of such an alliance would make short work of this bunch of head chopping scum?
Of course, the answer to that is most complex, as is the interlocking web of alliances, both known and secret between various nations and the competing agendas at stake.

Lt. Gen. Sergey Rudskoy said in his press briefing on Friday that weapons and ammunitions are continuously being delivered to the al-Nusra Front terrorists in Syria, allowing them to engage Syrian government forces and hindering the fight against Daesh in the country.
The never-ending flow of large trucks from Turkey carrying weapons and ammunition crosses the Turkish-Syrian border. This constant feed of live forces and weapons allows terrorists from the Nusra Front to continue their provocative shelling and make advances on Syrian government forces, which diminishes [government military] activity against Islamic State terrorists in other areas,” Rudskoy said during a briefing.
Rudskoy also added that the US has acknowledged that the heaviest fighting is centered around areas where the al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front is most active.
Everyone knows, and our US partners admit that the biggest hot spots of active military operations are those parts of the Syrian Republic where the al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists from the al-Nusra Front run rampant.”
So far, according to Rudskoy, the US has refused to conduct joint operations against terrorist groups in Syria, which has led to an escalation of the conflict.
The al-Nusra Front terrorist group hampers the ceasefire efforts in northern areas of Syria, the Russian General Staff said Friday.
It is very clear that the terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra, active in the regions of Aleppo and Idlib, is the main obstacle to expanding the ceasefire regime to northern areas of Syria,” Sergey Rudskoy, chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the Russian General Staff, said.
Moreover, the Al-Nusra Front has used the ‘period of silence’ to partly restore its combat capability. Rudskoy told reporters.
Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu offered to conduct joint air strikes against terrorist groups in Syria, but the Pentagon declined the offer. However, The Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry says Moscow hasn’t ruled out a possible joint operation in the future; Sputnik reported.

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