Saturday, 20 August 2011

Michael C Ruppert speaks out

Say My Fucking Name!

Michael Ruppert issued a public video today which I recommend to those who have the stomach to look truth in the face.

He expresses some of the raw emotion involved in witnessing such corruption in the political and economic arena and ‘calls out’ many public figures.

He has previously said that he (and many others) are ‘invisible’ - are simply ignored by the elite.  The day those in power are able to pronounce his name is the day when we have reached the point when  the changes he predicts are with us.

It has become increasingly obvious that that day has arrived and the only people who fail to see the level of crisis are fools.

I have found myself getting more angry and more impatient with those who should know better and are trying to water down the message. The young people on the streets on London, Manchester, Cairo and Tel Aviv (or those that end their own lives) don’t need to be told that there is no future.

They do need to know that there are people in an older generation that do care and haven’t betrayed the ideals of their youth.

For those of you who can’t look beyond the level of the personality of the messenger (and would accuse MCR of being egocentric or even megalomaniac) I would challenge you to put that aside and just listen to the message.

It is time to work out just where we stand.

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