Saturday, 7 July 2018

Winter sea ice concentration in Antarctica

Low sea ice concentration in Antarctica IN WINTER!!
I would like to express my gratitude to Margo of Margo’s Healing Corner for identifying this. She has interviewed Guy McPherson on two occasions and is learning quickly about what is happening at the poles

I was shocked to see this.

The sea ice extent for Antarctica seems greater than it was last year and that might, if taken in isolation, serve as evidence that last year was an anomoly.

Have a look at the sea ice concentration for the Antarctica.

"Concentration is a unitless term that describes the relative amount of area covered by ice, compared to some reference area. Thus, concentration describes how much of a 25.0 kilometer by 25.0 kilometer (15.5 mile by 15.5 mile) box is covered by sea ice. Ice concentration typically is reported as a percentage (0 to 100 percent ice), a fraction from 0 to 1, or sometimes in tenths (0/10 to 10/10). Our Sea Ice Index products show ice concentration as a percentage. A value of 0 means there is no ice, while a value of 100 means the region is completely covered by ice."

If it means what I think it does it is shocking!!

It is winter in Antarctica!

As pointed out by Margo the NSIDC is doing tests on their equipment during the month of July so there is an outside chance that this may be due to measurement faults but I doubt it.

For comparison here is the same for the Arctic during the beginning of the melt season

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