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The ongoing heatwave in the Northern Hemisphere

Roads and Roofs Melt Amid Record Heat in United Kingdom, Ireland

29 June, 2018

As the United Kingdom and Ireland baked in heat that broke all-time records in some areas, parts of the infrastructure did not hold up well.

In recent days, numerous images like the one below have surfaced, illustrating how extreme heat has stressed the roads. That picture, captured Wednesday near the Irish town of Ardara in County Donegal, showed liquefied tar on Glengesh Road, according to Donegal News editor Harry Walsh. Melted tar was also seen on several roads in the U.K., local reports said.

Melted tar is seen along a roadway near Ardara, Ireland, on Wednesday, June 27, 2018. (Twitter/Harry Walsh)
"Typically there's enough moisture during a British summer to keep the heat tamped down, but this month has been one of the driest Junes on record," said Weather Underground weather and climate writer Bob Henson. "Most U.K. homes don't have air conditioning, so that only adds to the misery of a multi-day heat wave."

The heat wave extended into Scotland, and in Glasgow, the weatherproof membrane on the roof at the Glasgow Science Centre melted and oozed down the building Thursday, according to BBC.com. It was the city's hottest day on record as temperatures reached 89.4 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking the previous record of 88 dating back to 1950, the Guardian reported.

"The structural integrity of the roof is completely sound, but we are left with a bit of an unsightly black goo on the roof," Glasgow Science Centre spokeswoman Sharon Lyons told BBC.com. "When we return to typical Glasgow colder climes, we shall set about cleaning it."

The sweltering Thursday in Glasgow flirted with Scotland's all-time record high of 89.9 degrees, set in 1893 in Perth and Kinross, according to the Guardian.
Elsewhere in Scotland, train speeds were reduced amid fears that the heat might cause rails to buckle, BBC.com also reported. In recent years, some rails have been painted white to minimize sunlight's impact on the rails, the report added.
An all-time record high was also set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Thursday as the mercury soared to 85.1 degrees.
Police warned residents to avoid leaving animals and children unattended in parked vehicles for any period of time and urged people to keep a close eye on their neighbors – especially the elderly – as heat danger remained high.
"It's important to remember though that, for some, temperatures like these over more than a day or two can be really uncomfortable and pose a risk to health," Dr. Nigel Calvert from Dumfries and Galloway NHS in the U.K. told BBC.com. 

"People who may be at risk include the over 65s, young children and those with heart and lung conditions."

Heatwaves reported from Canada, U.S. UK, Europe and Russia as the Northern Hemisphere hits high summer

1 July, 2018

As summer hits the Northern Hemisphere heatwaves are being reported from Canada, the U.S. the UK, Europe and Asia as the northern half of the planet bakes.
Of course, it is summer but for the whole Northern Hemisphere to witnessing heat-wave weather this is unusual.

In parts of south-west France, temperatures are expected to hit 40 deg C (104 deg F) today.

In Canada residents in the Toronto area had to endure a humidex temp which pushed into the mid-40s deg C (113 deg F) this weekend as the heat is expected to last the rest of this week.

Meanwhile, a dangerous, oppressive heat wave has scorched central, and the eastern US this weekend.

Temperatures have reached at least 30 Celsius in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland during the last week with the hot weather expected to hold well into next week.

Here in western and northern Europe, we are also basking in glorious sunshine with very hot temperatures and no let up in the coming week.

High temperatures along with high humidity have been hindering the players during the World Cup in Russia.

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BREAKING: Highway 3 at TWO locations is buckling due to extreme heat.

Hwy 3 WB remains closed at Ellis Side Rd. to Manning and closed from Malden Rd. to Talbot Rd.
Opening time unknown.

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Bridge was stuck. Sailboat couldn’t get through. So they brought out the fire truck and boat to cool it off. Pretty cool sight.

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