Thursday, 19 July 2018

Russian TV reponds to media hysteria post-Helsinki

The first comments coming out from Russian primetime TV are very revealing.

US Deep State Sends Trump and Russia a Message: Russian Student Taken Hostage as Retribution

Again, back to the meeting between the presidents of Russia and the USA. Trump managed to predict the reaction of the Democratic media and politicians: It was negative and hysterical. They practically accused Trump of treason for his courtesy and politeness. An hour ago, the speaker of the lower house of Congress Paul Ryan said the States are ready to consider new sanctions against Russia. But there's more. Coincidentally, right after the Helsinki meeting, a Russian citizen was arrested in the US.
Veterans Today weighs in on Maria Butina, echoing the russophobic Guardian
The National Rifle Association launders $21 million in Russian cash to Trump while the fake news scrambles to deflect

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