Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Ev Gilbert has died

RIP Ev Gilbert (Travellerev)

It is with great shock and considerable sadness that I report the sudden death from the complications of liver cancer of Ev Gilbert.

She is one of the most prolific bloggers in New Zealand where there are so few communicating the deeper truth of what is happening in this fine country of ours – Aotearoa – New Zealand.

I have often posted articles from her blog Aotearoa: a Wider Perspective and over the past five years have become friends, sharing, apart from our passion for the Truth-as-we-see it a love for horses.

Of course we did not always exactly agree on some issues but that is of no significance when it comes to the Bigger Picture and a passion for getting to the essence of things.

Ev, you have been a great ally and friend.

May you rest in peace.

Robin (Seemorerocks)

P.S. Ev of course was associated with the Vinny Eastwood Show.
Vinny has compiled a playlist of her appearance on the show 

One of the latest (on TPP) was this:

Her blog Aotearoa: a Wider Perspective with many, many 

regular posts is HERE


  1. Thanks for posting this!
    I've been Ev's friend for the 5 years too and she'd only just moved her website cos I encouraged her and only just gotten to write on The Standard because I got her to come on my interview with Bill Black.
    I'm just so glad that at least I got to see her at her home and sing her a few songs on her 60th birthday just recently.
    I feel kind of alone now in the NZ truth movement, there's like no one else anywhere near where she was at in terms of blogging about alternative news in NZ :(

    1. Thanks for that Vinny.We will all feel her loss. There's not so many of us trying to tell the Truth as we see it. Best wishes.

    2. Thank you Vinny, and Robin.

  2. Thanks Robin. So glad Vinny has immortalised her too.. Was on a lunch promise with her this month..Gutted at not being able to tell her how much she inspired so many more here than she realised I'm sure.. All the best Jax