Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Bernie Sanders stands down

Despite Corruption And Scandal, Bernie Sanders Will Endorse Hillary Clinton Tomorrow

Time to "feel the Bern", and much worse, after Bernie endorse Hillary.

11 July, 2016

There was a time a few months back where many Americans thought that Bernie Sanders was a different type of politician. A person of higher moral fabric…with a sense of integrity, sorely missing in US politics.

It was “Bernie of Bust” for many. A mantra that captured a country’s desire to break free of the corruption that plagues its political system, from top to bottom.
Forget about all of that. Come tomorrow Bernie Sanders will kiss the ring of the most corrupt, scandal infested politician ever to run for the office of US President.

Maybe Bernie is being pragmatic. Maybe he is willing to do anything to stop Donald Trump from having a chance at winning the elections. Or maybe, just maybe, Bernie cut a deal…and like so many other people and institutions that come in contact with a Clinton, he too got infected with the corruption virus.

A true man of integrity would never endorse Hillary, no matter what party lines dictate. A man who supposedly stands up for the 99%, would never endorse a candidate who just used her 1% status to avoid an indictment, that would have landed anyone of normal, ‘earthly’ status, into prison.

The New York Times reports:
Hillary Clinton’s campaign is making it official: Former Democratic rival Bernie Sanders will join her at a New Hampshire event on Tuesday where he plans to endorse her.

Hillary Clinton will be speaking in New Hampshire tomorrow, where she will be joined by Bernie Sanders, who will support Clinton under the common mantra of improving America.’

If Bernie endorses Hillary, as expected, then he is nothing more than an American sell out. If his endorsement helps Hillary become President, then the US, and the rest of the world, will not only feel the Bern”, but also feel extremely queasy, itchy, and red all over.

Bernie Steps Down, Seeds of Insurrection Sown [ExtraTime with Peter Lavelle]
His movement and ideas will not wait for him (and may not vote for Hilary)
11 July, 2016

Bernie Sanders is stepping aside – but his movement and ideas will not wait for him (and may not vote for Hilary).

I have consistently said the only really breathe of fresh air in this U.S. presidential campaign is Bernie’s demand for more social justice. The Clinton Machine and its subsidiary the Democratic National Committee have crushed Bernie (but not his movement) and proposed faux policies instead. “Feeling the Bern” is not about an individual or parties, but rather the growing transmigration of the political spectrum.

The progressive left in America (and the UK for the matter) has surrendered to the neo-liberal dictatorship that is essentially the Washington Consensus. The “culture wars” of the conservative right has marginalized itself. What remains are the “Consensus Warriors” – those who treat any change to the status as an anathema (party affiliations are meaningless to them).

Bernie steps down and walks away. Nonetheless, the seeds of insurrection have been sown. The whirlwind will follow.

Bernie Sanders Should Not Endorse
Hillary Clinton: Go with Jill or

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This week, Bernie Sanders has said directly that he will do 'everything he can to elect Hillary Clinton' and there has been announcement from press (not campaign) of an endorsement to come on Tuesday. I hope it isn't true, however Sanders supporters should contact Bernie and let him know of disagreement with any such strategy. This is a People's movement and we supported him as the leader to go a different way, everyone has a full right to inform Sanders of what they want done. He might not listen however my philosophy is to speak out regardless of outcome if it is true and right. Regardless of his decision and ultimate action, my hope for Bernie is to move ahead outside the Democratic party.

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