Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Avaaz helping to manufacuture consent

Is Avaaz once again telling us what the Establishment wants us to think?

5 Jully, 2016

Any doubt that might have remained about how a certain section of the elite want to spin Brexit is now put to rest as that most entirely fake of all fake “grassroots activist” sites Avaaz is herding its obedient fandom to sign on and “stop the hate.” This is the wording of its latest touchy-feely petition, already signed by 90,000 well-meaning clicktivists.
We, the people of the United Kingdom, stand against hate. We call on those editors who tar our country’s reputation by fuelling xenophobia and racism to step down, and pledge to confront racists wherever they are.
If enough of us call for it, we can make it untenable for newspapers like the Daily Mail and The Sun to fan the flames of hate,” runs the accompanying blurb. “And editors will know their jobs depend on responsible journalism.” (our emphasis).

I’d be the first to agree the Sun is an open sewer of lowest common denominator ordure, and of course any rational person deplores racism and “hate.” But equally we all should deplore – and fear – accusations of racism and “hate” being invoked as political weapons to beat down dissent and demonise a majority of UK citizens.

The Sun is owned by a billionaire and can take care of itself, but freedom of expression is a lot more fragile. Will “fuelling xenophobia” end up being a crime as loosely defined as “supporting terrorism”? Will it end up applying to anyone who has a problem with the EU? Let’s wait and see. But when Avaaz enters the arena with these clarion calls to under-informed SJWs, it’s never a good day for democracy and reason.

Before being tempted to sign up – read more about Avaaz’s questionable origins and agenda here

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