Thursday, 10 March 2016

The US Primaries

"At This Point" It's Over: Establishment's Last Hope Fades As Trump Leads Rubio By 23 Points In Florida

9 March, 2016

It just keeps getting worse for the GOP establishment.

The harder the Republican aristocracy tries to derail Trump, the more convincing his victories become, in a kind of self-fulfilling, status quo-destroying loop, and now that Michigan has proven just how divided the Democratic vote truly is, it seems even more likely that the brazen billionaire may indeed end up taking the oath of office.

The GOP’s preferred candidate was obviously Jeb Bush. The last name says it all. But that crashed and burned in dramatic fashion and so, the establishment shifted its support to Marco Rubio.

That worked out for all of one caucus. After a strong showing in Iowa, Rubio’s star was shot down by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who at the time was still a candidate. Here’s where it all fell apart:

On Tuesday, the upstart senator didn’t even show up. Michigan was a disaster for Rubio and now, the latest poll from Quinnipiac University shows Trump beating him in his home state by 23 points.

As Politico notes, "Rubio's campaign is working nonstop to try and win the state. The Florida senator has essentially camped out in Florida, doing back to back events throughout the state."

But it won't matter. Just like it didn't matter in New Hampshire. Or South Carolina. Or Alabama. Or Massachusetts. Or Michigan. Or anywhere else.

It's over. The only way to stop Trump now is for the deep state to literally step in and nullify the electorate's decision on the excuse that Americans have simply lost their minds in a (hopefully) temporary bout of nationalistic, frustrated insanity.

Which brings us to a rather disturbing conclusion: democracy in America is going to be hijacked either way. Either Trump capitalizes on the country's deep-seated frustrations and fears to capture an office he probably isn't prepared to hold (and we honestly don't mean that in a pejorative way), or else the political and business establishment simply denies the will of the people and refuses to allow him to become commander-пin-chief. 

Anyway, that's another discussion. The point for now is this: Marco Rubio is about to get "schlonged" in his home state by 20+ points. And that, in and of itself, says a lot about the mood of the American electorate. 

Trump himself summed it up best: "At this point it’s pretty tough for anybody to do anything."

Winning The Hillary Way

9 March, 2016

The corporate MSM pundits are ignoring the YUUGE upset yesterday in Michigan. Bernie Sanders pulled off an epic upset and it barely gets a mention by the in-the-bag-for-Clinton corporate media. If you ever needed more proof that polls conducted by these morons are as worthless as an Obama promise, see the polls below regarding Michigan. Clinton can’t beat a died in red socialist when she has more money than the Vatican supporting her.

In a general election between Clinton and Trump, many disaffected, poor, jobless, and even union workers will vote for Trump. His anti-immigration and anti-NAFTA, anti-TPP stances will resonate with these people.  

Clinton is the establishment candidate.

The”experts” on MSNBC and CNN are flabbergasted. They have no clue what is happening in this country. They live in their little NYC and DC bubbles and wonder why the plebs are so angry.Don’t we know the stock market is up 200% and corporations are rolling in dough?

The linear thinking ruling class are about to get the surprise of their lives. Fourth Turnings wipe away the existing social order. They won’t go without a fight, but they will be wiped away.Book it Dano.

As we noted last night, while the Trump victory is making headlines, the yuuge news of the night is Bernie Sanders beating Hillary Clinton in Michigan – against all poll expectations (with the Clinton campaign explaining “they misunderstood the electorate.” This was such a shock that CNN still wouldn’t admit it until well over 90% of the vote was in despite Sanders’ 4pt lead…Clinton had a 21pt lead in Michigan before today…

Hillary Clinton response to Sanders pointing she takes Fracking Industry funds

She's a straight up liar and her disastrous policies are affecting the environment and the people of the US. People should know.

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