Tuesday, 8 March 2016

NZ's tate Ulsaker stands with Russia

Sane words from American living in Nelson, Tate Ulsaker. Well said, Tate.

I stand with Russia - Tate - New Zealand - #istandwithrussia

In his first episode this series Tate from New Zealand gives us a unique insight into global events as a man who has traveled the world and lived in many countries from Russia to America and many more. With both his firsthand knowledge of both the Russia and the US combined with his personal research and studies, in this brief video take explains a very important reason he and you also should Stand With Russia. 

People from across the Globe have come together to express solidarity with Russia during these times of hardship and constant attacks by the Western Media and Government’s. Attacks that are often based on lies which these people have come together to help explain the Truth behind them as part of ‘The West United for Russia’.

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  1. Thanks Robin for the placement on your blog.

    Like many of the people reading this, I have been following current events news for many years from what I consider reliable alternative news sources.

    Like many people reading this, I sense a widening gap of disconnect between the reality presented in diversely sourced reliable news versus the propaganda system that pushes everything out through highly controlled teleprompters and news bites.

    The trends are beyond Orwellian politically, moving into apocalyptic politically, ecologically and in other ways as well, as many know, with the energy and the debt and population/food. There is a crunch time on the horizon that will make the Black Plague look like a hiccup on the population charts. That is my general assessment and I know I am far from being alone in this understanding. To me it is math. So the question isn't if we will have an historic collapse, but how it will happen and will it be engineered by the current crop of elites that are engineering all these wars, trading zones, draconian laws and police states and global governance structures? Or will humanity continue along towards being more aware of reality and will that trend be more dominant in the future with a role to play as the crunch time takes place?

    These are questions to be resolved by all of us. We each have a role to play. A very small role in the big picture but very critical. If we don't play any role at all, there may be no common sense when the converging catastrophes strike. If we do make a decision to be influencing factors in the wake-up, we may have common sense at least locally and within our network.

    That was a long thank you but I wanted to explain my motivations. I moved to Nelson NZ to weather this storm and to have some semblance of sanity as things turn south for the planet.

    Hope for the best, plan for the worst, enjoy living life in the process.