Wednesday, 16 March 2016

NSA head James Clapper visits Wellington unaanounced

Clapper is not just here to organise a nice visit for Barack before he retires.

Even Barack Obama is afraid of these guys.

Super NSA spook James Clapper in town

A report from Martin Cahill, Wellington – via Facebook

On Sunday night a friend rang me to tell me an Iranian jet was at the airport if I wanted to see it.

I went down and took my camera. I got some good pics and was about to head home when I heard another jet arrive.

Nothing out of the ordinary for an airport until I looked up to see a Globemaster [who comes up with these imperialist names?] taxiing to the VIP military terminal on the other side.

I thought it had come up from the ice, never mind it had the CIA spookmaster James Clapper on board.

Right when the Iranians were in town talking trade.

Chance? Yeah right!!

The next day NZ gets another GCSB director

Andrew Hampton

Andrew Hampton is to be the new director of the Government Communications Security Bureau, Prime Minister John Key has announced

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