Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Eric Draitser on Counterpunch radio

Comments from Kevin Hester- 

I totally agree with George Galloway's contention that ISIS must be smashed but the crux of the problem is that the psychopaths who are funding and arming them must be stopped.These criminals move amongst us and fly around the world with impunity with the blood of millions dripping from their elbows.

Case in point, the mass murderer Tony Blair visited NZ 2 years ago when in a just world, the only city he should be visiting is the Hague.

The last time that fascism rose up in Europe over 80 million people died. This time will be infinitely worse.

On the subject of Jeremy Corbyn I believe the more likely he is to win the election the more danger he is in from the military industrial complex.

If you think things are bad now just consider what will happen as our biosphere continues it's exponential unraveling.

Habitat is collapsing world wide exponentially and the people with the " Big Sticks" will very soon be fighting the coming Habitat wars. Time for Eric Draitser, Dan Welch and I to draw the links between the convergence of imperialism, our climate catastrophe and the impending habitat wars on a CounterPunch (official) podcast as Eric and I previously discussed, perhaps Robin Westenra will cover it on his much read blog Seemorerocks ?

I believe NZ will be Ground Zero's due to our position at the bottom of the southern hemisphere and N.Z. P.M. John Key has already handed us over lock , stock and two smoking barrels to the USA , the monster behind the armageddon via the Five Eyes network. Brilliant anti-imperialist, anti-racist, anti-fascist debate with a hint of 'Doomer Humour' thx Dan and Eric.

Brace for imminent impact, these are the good old days.

Counterpunch radio : George Galloway & Daniel Patrick Welch

This week Eric welcomes two great guests to the program. First, Eric sits down with the inimitable George Galloway to talk war, betrayal, and the Empire's ceaseless adventures in regime change. They discuss the culpability of the US, UK, and Europe in the death and destruction in the Middle East, the use of terrorism as a potent weapon of war, as well as the refugee crisis and the rise of racist and fascist sentiment in Europe. George also briefly touches on his campaign for mayor of London against both the Conservative and Labour candidates.

In the second part of the show Eric welcomes writer and political analyst Daniel Patrick Welch to the show. Eric and Dan go back and forth on racism, white supremacy and the necolonial attitudes bubbling to the surface in light of the refugee crisis. With references ranging from "Blazing Saddles" to "Seinfeld," they manage to have a little fun while exploring an issue that is of the utmost importance to contemporary politics and activism.

Listen to the podcast HERE

My own comments follow

As usual,I agree with everything George Galloway says.He's always on the mark. 

I'm not sure about the banter between Eric and Daniel. It felt more like striking an attitude than what I would callinstitutional analysis, It sounded like a postiion that I wouldhave agreed with even 10 years ago. 

The 'mrgrant crisis' is complex and the result of imperial policies that have destroyed the ME for a century. We are not talking about one or two thousand people, which any reasonable society can absorb but we are talking about a milliion people or more, unleashed on Europe by Turkey which has emptied the camp, taking care to include people who NO society should ever have to absorb. 

Any 'solution' is wishful thinking while Syria,Iraq, Libya are being destroyed. Europe, like everywhere else is in a state of collapse like everywhere else - economic, political, social, ecological. 

What we are talking about is not a "crisis' but a predicament

There is no wrong in this except for the imperialists and the countries that are manipulating this. Even the fascists on the streets (and yes, I will fight them), are responding to something they don't understand and therefore blame the "other". People have always been manipulated into positions like that. 

In short the situation is complicated and certainly not black vs white (at least, not on the level of the street, as opposed to the halls of power).

I don't think we can live with the certainties of yesterday any more

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