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Warnings about a corporate takeover of the dairy industry in New Zealand

Questions need to be asked about what happening to the dairy industry and the New Zealand economy.

Is New Zealand just a victim of low commodity prices and the collapse of the world economy or - as some suggest- is there a move of financial and banking interests to bankrupt New Zealand farmers so they are ripe for a takeover.

Do we have a Fifth Column of corporates and their representatives in politics who are acting, not in the national interest, but are, in fact, acting to sell New Zealand off - something we have witnessed in this country since 1984?

A week or so ago there was a revealing interview about the high debt levels of farmers and how many are being squeezed by low commodity prices.

Today there was an interesting item about a review in Fonterra, which is now mentioned as a low-achieving company like Solid Energy (throw under the bus by this government) before it.

Fonterra "transformation" review underway

Radio New Zealand

As dairy farmers around the country tighten their belts in the face of continuing low milk prices, Fonterra has a major review of its business performance underway. 

The company has instituted what it calls a "performance improvement programme" called "Velocity". Nine to Noon understands the dairy cooperative has has brought in external consultants McKinsey's `Recovery and Transformation Services' unit, which specialises in helping distressed companies, underperforming business units and in implementing large-scale restructuring and transformation. 

Jacqueline Rowarth is Professor of Agribusiness at Waikato University. Russell Macpherson is immediate past president of Federated Farmers, Southland. Fonterra shareholder and farmer, Will Wilson is an agricultural consultant, company director and part owner and director of several dairy farms.

Here is the Radio NZ item warning of dairy foreclosures

Warnings over dairy foreclosures

Here are some other recent relevant articles on the dairy industry

Some frustrated farmers are considering leaving Fonterra after auction prices fell for the second time in a fortnight, the Fonterra Shareholders Council says.


Finally, I received an email from a friend with this unascribed analysis of the situation.

All I can say that if even a good part of what is written here is true (and I don't necessarily go all the way with all the conclusions myself) then it is pretty damning and goes even further to conform my own suspicions about this fascist government, what their agenda is, and who they really represent.

I have slightly edited the text and added some links to articles confirming the points made


Anonymous, March, 2015

The new 1080 eco-terrorism plot has nothing whatsoever to do with the public or a extremist person or group, but is being instigated by the international fascist bankers rapidly taking over Fonterra through increasing their grip over the company through debt in collusion with Fonterra directors and Ministry of Primary Industries themselves acting in concert together to disenfranchise the farmers’ of their control of Fonterra.

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, but usually above the common intelligence of the masses to understand. The City of London Anglo/American bankers are using this same general strategy on a national scale to attempt to takeover Ukraine and kneecap Russia by manipulating the financial system of Russia by collapsing the global price of oil and orchestrating red flag events to discredit Russia.......

In the case with our cooperative dairy company Fonterra, the world’s biggest dairy exporter, presently still owned by its 10,600 NZ dairy farmer supplier/
shareholders, as I’ve previously written before about the plan by the international City of London banks is to disenfranchise the farmers of all their shares and control of Fonterra, then pay the farmers pennies on the dollar for their milk and holding the majority of the profits in the company for distribution to the overseas shareholders.

Briefly, the bankers are following these simple steps to steal the company off New Zealanders:

  • Get the company into as much debt to the international bankers as possible either through loans or bond programs.  Done.
  • Get directors onto the Board of Fonterra appointed by the bankers, who hold Fonterra’s massive debt, who are not acting in the interests of the farmers. One.
  • In 2007, then get the Board of Directors to announce a two-yearconsultation programme to restructure the capital of the company, putting the business in a separate listed company on the stock market, with the cooperative farmer supplier shareholders still maintaining a controlling interest.The excuse for this would be this would give the company “more access to funds [from the bankers] for global growth.”
  • In 2008 this was shelved by the board, because too many of the farmer shareholders objected.

Fonterra finally tackling debt levels
  • On 16 July 2008, a scandal just happened to break out in China after 16 INFANTS who had been fed on INFANT FORMULA milk powder adulterated with melamine produced by Shijiazhuanng-based Sanlu Group, partly owned by Fonterra, involving infants who were diagnosed with kidney stones. Twenty one companies were found to be using the practice, but Fonterra was especially targeted, casting doubt on the quality and safety of the company’s products ! A number of criminal prosecutions occurred, with two people being executed in China.
  • Later in 2008, the 2007 proposal was shelved, following the melamine scandal which intimidated the farmers by threatening their milk pay-out.
  • In 2009, the board then announced a three-step process to revamp Fonterra’s capital structure

  • . The first step allowed farmers to hold shares above their level of annual milk production. The second step changed the way Fonterra shares were to be valued. The third step introduced “Trading Among Farmers” with the maximum holding being 2 times production, and this was followed by giving outside investors the right to purchase “Non-voting” shares in the company receiving the same dividends, to supposedly increase capital.

Fonterra criticised over how it calculates debt

Farmers back first steps of Fonterra revamp
  • In 2010, US Embassy  cables leaked by Wikileaks suggested the New Zealand Government had only sent engineers to Iraq in 2003, following the initial invasion, so Fonterra would keep valuable UN Oil for Food Programme contracts.

  • Fonterra board keeps increasing the company’s debt through borrowing off the international banks directly and by selling bonds.
Dairy farmers' debt alert
  • In 2013, Fonterra announced, in collusion with the Ministry of Primary Industries, another “false flag” event by way of a shock recallof, again, INFANT FORMULA (the Fascist Nazi administration always used “children” in major propaganda) after claiming it suspected the products were contaminated with botulism, which turned out to be non-existent, yet it potentially put the company in jeopardy! Clearly, the whole thing was an orchestrated plot to self-undermine the company by the directors and the Ministry of Primary Industries. In normal business practise, one does not advertise on a global scale any unproven threat or false alarm about any product based merely on hearsay, because such advertising can destroy a company! Yet, Fonterra Board of directors did.
  • In early March 2015, last week, Fonterra announce later in March 2015 after their Financial Report is presented they are commencing another bond selling program to foreign institutional bankers, where the company’s debt to equity ratio is already at a dangerous 60% plus. In this new bond selling program to raise extra capital, if they raise a little more than the last bond program it will be about $1 billion. If this proves to be the case, this will increase the company’s debt to equity ratio to about 90%, which is almost INSOLVENCY!
  • Then yesterday, Fonterra directors in collusion with the Minister of Primary Industries and the Government issue another INFANT FORMULA false flag that supposedly some nutter or extremist group is threatening to adulterate baby food with 1080 poison. “We are doing it for the children, to protect the babies” is the oldest Fascist propaganda deception in history! Come on now. Not the same bull dust three times in a row!!!!!!!!! How come, three INDEPENDENT totally unconnected suspects are just happening to target INFANT FORMULA????? 

Come on now, we may have been born at night, but not last night!

With Fonterra’s level of debt, with its current decreased earnings from lower international dairy prices at present, it will therefore take only a relatively modest major scandal or threat, whether genuine or orchestrated, like this now or in the future, to its earnings to put the company into receivership, whereby the international bankers that hold the company’s debt and bonds, will takeover the company that have all along, been working toward, with the treacherous directors and government bureaucrats, to steal this national jewel from the New Zealand farmers, and hence all New Zealanders.

Once the company goes into receivership, two methods could be used by the bankers to change the ownership of the company. One would be to use a low-key approach and just squeeze the farmers with super low pay-outs to encourage them all to sell their shares on the open market which would then be bought up by a China Dairy Co, Nestle or Kraft, which the bankers control. Or it could be collapsed, receivers brought in and the farmers lose everything. I think the first option would be the preferred model, as it could be done largely without the general public ever waking up to what has happened, until the the price of milk hits $100 a litre in their local supermarket.

So to summarise. I think the current Fonterra Baby Formula 1080 Poison adulteration scandal is being orchestrated by the international banks that hold Fonterra’s debt and bonds in collusion with Fonterra directors, senior bureaucrats and ministers in the government and of course, lest we forget, the endless hype of the goons in the media, owned and controlled by the same bankers that fund Fonterra and coincidentally, the Government.

Traditionally, all farmers under the tyrannical British Sovereign and City of London banks, have been simple, poor, hard-working peasants and serfs who have been allowed to work all year, only to pay 95% of their production to the king, who would allow them to keep a little for themselves to sustain them to work yet another year for the Royal Treasury. The last 70 years or so has been an exception where farmers have been allowed to own their own farms and through cooperatives reap much of the fruit of their labour themselves. That, is about to change.

What we are seeing , in actual fact, is “commercial conspiracy” on a massive scale, NOT as the Prime Minister calls it “eco-terrorism.”

I mean, the current UNETHICAL Minister of Primary Industries, Nathan Guy, who is one of the chief party puppets behind the release of the Fonterra 1080 scandal yesterday, only recently had the cheek to try to reduce recreational fishermen’s catch limits to almost zero, while protecting the commercial fishing sector, under pressure from Peter Goodfellow, President of the New Zealand National Party, who just happens to be, one of New Zealand’s richest men, a major funder of the party, has been involved with it for over 30 years, friend of the Prime Minister, and major shareholder in the NZ Dairy industry and chief shareholder of our biggest fishing company, Sanfords. Indeed, his father, Sir William Goodfellow, actually founded the NZ Dairy Company, now Fonterra.

What a disgrace!

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