Sunday 21 June 2015

Floods in Russia

Swim to your car, it’s 'normal'! Downpour turns roads to rivers in Russian cities

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20 June, 2015

Several Russian cities, including Moscow and Kursk, were partly flooded on Saturday. While streets turned into "rivers" as sewer systems failed to cope with the torrents of water, local authorities said that everything was "normal."

The city of Kursk in Russia’s southwest was flooded on Saturday, after heavy rain hit the city of some 430,000 people. Residents said the rain was the worst so far this year.
В Курске потоп из-за сильного ливня #Курск #потоп
— ⚡СРОЧНО⚡ (@sro4no) June 20, 2015

The low-lying center of the city was reported to have been affected the worst.
Residents took to social media, posting videos and photographs of roads that had literally turned into rivers in some parts of the city.

In some areas, the streets were so badly flooded that cars were submerged up to their rooftops. Some people said they had to swim to get to their vehicles.
Еще фото с потопа в Курске
 ещё фото
Курск. Потоп. Гроза #Курск #новости
— Друг для друга Курск (@dddkursk) June 20, 2015

Although there have been reports on social media that electricity went off in the city center, local emergency services have not confirmed this information, saying the city was functioning normally.

The situation was “normal” for the region where heavy rains hit quite often, spokesman of the local emergency services told Govorit Moskva (Moscow speaks) radio. The water will drain from the streets by midnight, he said.
There have been no immediate reports of injuries or on the extent of damages.

The Russian capital also suffered from heavy rainfall on Saturday.

A number of images of flooded streets emerged on social networks, including views of the very heart of Moscow.
Eyewitnesses said central Tverskaya street and some of the nearby pedestrian lanes turned into raging streams of water. Pedestrian underpasses were also reported flooded.

There have been reports of numerous delays at the capital’s airports. However, the information was denied by the major air hubs Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo, where spokesmen said the rain had not interrupted services.

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