Monday 22 June 2015

Extinction Radio – Episode 13

Dahr Jamail interviewed on Extinction Radio

If you listen to nothing else please listen to Dahr Jamail

Both Guy McPherson and Paul Beckwith discuss the rapid melting in the Arctic

00:00 Theme Song -Gene Gibson
00:36 Song -Mimi German
06:13 Benjamin the Donkey
06:32 In-depth Interview with Independent Journalist Dahr Jamail
26:27 Song “Indians and Clouds” -Mimi German
30:50 Dahr Jamail -continued
59:23 Benjamin the Donkey
59:43 Poems from -Debba Kale Earnshaw
1:02:34 Poem -Rex Eagle
1:03:09 Poem -Jack Adam Weber
1:05:30 Interview -Carolyn Baker
1:29:13 Benjamin the Donkey
1:29:50 Dispatch from the Endocene -Gail Zawacki
1:43:13 Interview -Paul Beckwith
1:58:22 Song “Sheep” John Luddie
2:02:07 Paul Beckwith -continued
2:16:24 Benjamin the Donkey
2:16:43 Climate Change Update -Guy McPherson
2:21:40 Sam Carana Editorial -Read by Mike Shouldice
2:26:30 Benjamin the Donkey
2:26:55 Minimalist Living -John “Compost” Cossham
2:37:26 Seemorerocks Report from Down Under -Robin & Pam Westerna
2:47:44 Extreme Weather Report -Mike Ferrigan
2:56:43 Benjamin the Donkey
2:57:03 Prepping with Permaculture -Solomon Amuzu

3:07:16 Theme Song -Gene Gibson

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