Tuesday 19 June 2018

The latest from Tommy Robinson in prison

Tommy Robinson letter from prison

18 June, 2018

Tommy Robinson has just released a letter from Jail after being arrested on the 25th of May on charges which are just ridiculous as they are saying contempt of court ! Which cannot be applicable as the case on which he was reporting on was already finished and the sentences had been made 1 So his reporting could not possibly have had any bearing or effect upon this case ! A case which involved another gang of Pakistani men charged with the abuse and rape of countless underage white English gilrs that were abducted from fast food shops,backs of Taxis etc !

He has been arrested clearly more his defiance to a system which clearly does not to want hold these men accountable for their hidenous crimes and this is just a way of removing him from the debate and public domain where he had great success in exposing this manumnetal failing in the British Judicial system !

The letter is read out by " Brian London" and I think you will see from the wording of this letter that this person Tommy Robinson is a good hearted man and merely wants to see his Country and its women defended correctly by the system which till now has failed them completely !!

If there are those among you that would like to contribute some funds towards his Legal aid and help keep his family safe and financed in his absence I have enclosed the necessary links following the first video that i share today !

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