Thursday 28 June 2018

More from Naomi Wolf on geoengineering

This is part of my continued investigations. Like me, Dr.Wolf is in a process of investigation and is just reporting what she is finding without any sense of finality or dogmatism.

I like that.

She harks back to a earlier era, prior to science’s corporatisation and politicisation, when it was OK to have citizen scientists and not to be instantly ridiculed or trolled.

As I have stated I strongly dislike reductionism and ‘either-or-arguments’ and gravitate towards areas of science (like ecology) that acknowledge the complexity and interconnectedness of things.

We can never know the consequences of our actions, especially when it comes to actions that have global consequences as opposed to local consequences. 

Nothing has EVER been gained by applying the same methods that got us in this mess into the first place and expecting it to be s solution.

What they are planning to do (and are already doing? – I really don’t know) is really insane. 

Usually the actions of mad scientists have localised consequences but this will affect the people, flora and fauna of the entire planet.

Replying to   and 
Working with the climate is not different from working with wood or metal. From the the satellite perspective the climate is a well workable material. You can build nearly everything with it, but the products are made of elusive structures and have to be modified daily.

Put simply it is ecocide of a similar magnitude to what we have already done to the planet by pushing the heat engine called civilisation to its limits.

The scariest part of it all is once you start applying particulates to the atmosphere you can never stop.  The result will be the sudden and short-term heating of the planet through the removal of global dimming that Guy McPherson talks about regularly. See the video below.

People these days (and especially on social media and instant electronic communication think tribally. 

Either people will apply the ‘tin foil hat’ or ‘conspiracy theory’ labels ('contempt prior to investigation') or they will swarm around like the insects that used to share our space and try to persuade one of their latest whacky theories.

This tweet came in from Naomi:
Very honored to have our DailyClout reporting on the truly deranged ScoPEx experiment and on the ‘weather bill’ that creates cloud spraying tech and hands it over to Silicon Valley, discusses on the informative blog.
Cloudseeding Update — Stealing Water: Why Your White-Grey Skies Depress you And You Seldom See Blue Sky….

So so much spraying yesterday. This today. NYC. It’s a reliable pattern but what does it mean? Cloudseeding? I’ll report today on
on mass cloudseeding and its effects.

Because of formatting problems I am placing this video here.

For what it’s worth this remains the basis of my understanding of what is happening.

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