Wednesday 27 June 2018

State of emergency in N California from wildfires

Pawnee Fire Forces Another State of Emergency for Northern California

26 June, 2019

Human-forced climate change is driving severe events that local communities are having difficulty recovering from. The primary reason is that the tempo of these events is so high that it allows little time for recovery.

(Very hot conditions across California are presently elevating fire risk. Already, large blazes have burned numerous buildings and forced hundreds to flee. Image source: National Weather Service.)

(Another series of intense wildfires, another state of emergency for California.)
This weekend, a large complex of fires erupted in the Lake County region of Northern California. By today, the fires had expanded to cover over 10,500 acres. The rapidly expanding fire has already destroyed more than 22 buildings while forcing 3,000 to flee. Meanwhile, Governor Jerry Brown had declared a state of emergency.

Hot and dry conditions fanned the blazes on Tuesday, increasing concerns that the fires would continue to rapidly spread. Temperatures in Fresno are expected to hit 100 degrees (F) today with readings in Redding likely to hit near the century mark. Meanwhile, a large zone from Death Valley to Vegas to Phoenix is predicted to see temperatures hit 108 to 114 (F) or above.

These hot, windy conditions will continue to elevate fire hazards across the west — which is bad news for communities beleaguered by the ongoing spate.
During recent years, big swings between heavy precipitation events and hot, dry conditions have fueled larger, more intense wildfires across the U.S. West and particularly in Northern California. Human caused climate change drives these events by adding moisture to the atmosphere which favors heavier storms and by forcing temperatures higher. The result is that vegetation grows and blooms more rapidly during the wetter than normal periods and dries out faster during the hotter than normal periods — generating more dry fuel for wildfires.

CA: Clearlake, Oaks: Pawnee fire grows over 11,500 acres in Lake County

Mary Greeley News

 CLEARLAKE OAKS, Calif. — The Pawnee Fire in Lake County has increased in size to 11,500 acres, but fire crews have made progress with 5 percent containment, Cal Fire officials said.

Governor Jerry Brown declared a State of Emergency for the area while 1,500 firefighters battle the flames on the ground.

Of the 1,500 people evacuated, only a handful of people are staying at the Red Cross shelter in lower lake. Unfortunately, the community has been hit with so many wildfires they know the drill and have figured out where to stay. Others are camping.

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