Thursday 21 June 2018

Ron Paul speaks sense on the US immigration question

This question is so partisan, so febrile that it is impossible to have an objective discussion on this.

I am no libertarian but Dr. Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams come as close as possible to a dispassionate discussion of the issue.
Ron Paul: Border "Crisis" 
- Is It All About The Children...Or Hatred Of Trump?

Here are Rachel Maddow's crocodile tears


The mainstream media has identified another "crisis" over which we are supposed to drop everything and "do something": people crossing our border illegally with children are being arrested and their children separated from them. But this is not a new phenomenon. The "crisis" is largely manufactured because the media has no interest in looking at the real cause of the illegal immigration problem in the US.

This is a report to the Senate Judiciary Committee cited by Daniel McAdams. This has been a policy since 2005 “to demosntrate consequences to those who cross the border illegally, that children should be taken away.

The internet is replete with stories like this. It is hard to find them in a Google search because of censorship

Homeschool Mom Arrested, Children Seized by CPS for "Educational Neglect"

To prosecute parents for illegal entry, 'you have to take the children away'

Homeschool mom was charged with “educational neglect”

The school called Child Protective Services because they were unaware they were being homeschooled,” said Kiarre Harris.

Harris was arrested and Child Protective Services took her two children. Harris claims she gave the city school district "notice of intent" and believed some paperwork she received allowed her to keep the kids at home. But then CPS notified her that her children would be taken from her custody.

Here is an example from You Tube

The immediate root of the problem seems to be this but of course goes back further

The other aspect causing this all is dealt with seperately.

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