Monday 23 October 2017

James Hansen interviewed by Chris Hedges

Neither Chris Hedges nor Dr. James E. Hansen are truly fessing up to the severity of the crisis.

How far over the cliff do we have to be for them to accept the reality?
--Kevin Hester

Dr. Hansen is really repeating the same message I have been hearing for a quarter of a century when the reality on the ground has changed radically.

He is still talking about sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere when we have many irreversible positive feedbacks - one being the melting of Arctic sea ice (unmentioned), the methane monster (completely ignored) and information that has been in the headlines in recent days - that drought in the Amazon and wildfires has led to the 'lungs of the planet' becoming a source of CO2, rather than a carbon sink.

I have to ask me whether this is just a matter of conscience for a scientists of this calibre, or is it something more?

On Contact: Climate Crisis with James Hansen

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