Monday 30 October 2017



As if there wasn't enough proof this year that mother nature is unsettled, now comes word of the damage sustained in Cordoba Argentina due to a hail storm the likes of which the area has never seen before. The storm which occurred on October 26, 2017, brought with it heavy rainfall, strong winds, and record-breaking hail falling.

The hail storm lasted around fifteen minutes, and in this time about five feet of hail fell down. Although the weather service in the area tried to alert individuals of the impending storm, no one was prepared for what was actually going to happen or the damage it would cause. Cities such as Almafuerte, Berrotaran, and Rio Tercero were hit by the storm.

However, the area that seems to sustain the most damage was the city of La Cruz. This Cordoba sustained heavy rain and hail along with heavy infrastructure damage. This includes many cars being submerged in water and covered in hail and roof of houses being damaged; streets were literally covered in hail. 

This including blocking connecting roads that led to other cities and damage to crops being grown in the area. Fortunately so far there has only been one report of a casualty which was a woman who sought shelter under a tree during the storm only to have the tree and got caught in the extreme hail storm. 

She was taken to the hospital to be treated for hypothermia but is expected to make a complete recovery. A good statistic is given some individuals that recuse teams had to save from stranded cars. 

Unfortunately, this is just another in what seems like a long list of catastrophic storms that have hit the earth in the year 2017. 

Earlier in the year, the United States was hit by Hurricane Harvey in Texas which had rainfall that seems to last for days. Then the entire state of Florida was hit by Hurrican Irma, along with the area of US British Virgin Islands. This was followed by Hurricane Maria devastating the Island of Puerto Rico. 

Yes, this could all be chalked up as the norm for this time of year since it is hurricane season, but some have to wonder if it's the norm on steroids. No doubt about it, the storms that are hitting the earth are far greater than some ever hit before. 

This record-breaking hail storm that felt s as if it was a biblical proportion in Argentina is just further proof that for some reason mother nature isn't happy and perhaps we need to heed the warning. 

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