Saturday 21 October 2017

MORE censorship on Facebook!

I normally have little problem with censorship of pornography or real racist hate speech.

However, when someone as reasonable and rational as Sandy Schoelles of Environmental Coffeehouse is singled out for this treatment on the say-so of one or more hateful individuals we know we are living under fascism.

More egregious Facebook censorship!
Sandy Schoelles of Environmental Coffeehouse censored on Facebook

Via Fecebook

I have appealed my third block with Facebook in two months.

They have no problem taking my money to boost a post, but share? I didn't even have the connection to share last night and I haven't been on FB in over 12 hours!

So I attempt to share my video about the horrible picks that 45 is making and I am blocked again!

If this doesn't stop I am suing FB for my money back and I told them so.

Anyone out there a lawyer?

Lets make a big stink about the double standard of FB.

If this continues to happen I am leaving FB and Environmental Coffee House will build a website and get the fuck off this censorship bandwagon.

This is a look into the fascism I was talking about in my video!

If the person who may be reporting me is reading this, you are a sad individual who can't handle dissension in opinion?

Because very obviously this video did not violate FB Community Standards.

---Sandy Schoelles

This is what I take to be the "offending" video.

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