Friday 27 October 2017

I'm disillusioned with Greg Palast

I have become quite disillusioned with Greg Palast and also Thom Hartmann since last year’s election. According to him the only electoral fraud is by the Republican Party. The Democrats are sqeaky-clean (sic)

Jimmy Dore/Greg Palast Miss the Mark on the Real Story of Election Fraud in 2016

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Please see the links below to review information yourself, CLICK SHOW MORE: As Palast continues to push Clinton as a victim of election fraud in general by constantly pushing Cross Check and ignoring every other aspect of story, he is leading people in the WRONG direction on the real story and standing in the way of people seeing what is happening NOW. Republican Donors & Real Power Players Backed Clinton, NOT TRUMP: 

Not rare, Republicans from the front puppets to deep state lined up: 

She was outraising ALL the Republican candidates by Republican donors: 

Washinton Post put out a preemptive narrative about Russia CHEATING for HILLARY two months before election, it was line they were going to use if they got CAUGHT in cheat. Russia cheated FOR her and then framed her. Pay ATTENTION: 

For extensive list of links subject matter referenced in this video, please go to the video descriptions of these videos to reference. One hour summary of how election cheated for Clinton in Primary/General: 
On CIA Woolsey/Jake Braun DHS: 

Sane Progressive video reporting and warning about mass voter registration roll purging in REAL TIME:

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  1. The GOP runs institutional election-fraud systems in the many states they currently control, like Interstate Crosscheck, carefully-guided polling place closures, and onerous ID card requirements, all analytically-designed to disenfranchise the more Dem and left-leaning minority, elderly and poor voters.

    But the computer-based part of the fraud that occurs in so-called "black-box voting" and consistently produces "red-shifts" and "purple-shifts" (versus exit polls and pre-election polls), is almost certainly NOT done by traceable party operatives due to the need for those operatives to NEVER be associated with ANY party (if they were ever caught).

    That's the Plausible Deniability element.

    Black-box voting fraud is almost surely done by deep-inside corporate operatives to manipulate vote tallies AWAY FROM THE LEFT. The operatives are basically corporate ESTABLISHMENT operatives who support the corporate-conservative wing of BOTH parties at all times. That is why there is NEVER, EVER a "blue-shift" in close elections anywhere in the country, in ANY election. The shift is ALWAYS to the right----To the "purple" (conservative Dems) in Dem primaries, and to the "red" side in GOP-Dem elections.

    A "dark-red shift" (predictably, towards the most-conservative candidates in GOP primaries) has also been documented in Kansas by Dr. Beth Clarkson, a renowned university statistician there.

    HUGE "purple-shifts" were plainly detectable in a number of Democratic Party 2016 primaries (Hillary being favored over Bernie EVERY SINGLE TIME -- The best sources for this are Bev Harris and Mark Crispin Miller).

    The Dems can't object to, or even acknowledge, black-box voting irregularities because **the system consistently helps the most conservative, pro-corporate elements in BOTH parties**, not just the GOP.
    The pro-establishment people heading BOTH parties benefit by not having their power (or funding) seriously challenged.

    In this way, Election Fraud happens on behalf of BOTH parties, with the real secret stuff (red and purple shifts) most likely done by conservative corporate operatives not traceably attached to either party.


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