Friday 27 October 2017

Suzie Dawson unpacks Snowden files

Decipher You - Analysing the Snowden SIDToday Files: Part Three Episode Two

Keep me company while I continue to analyse 262 Snowden docs from the 3rd batch release by The Intercept, for Part 3 of my Decipher You series. What we have written together live so far is here:

I might be the only journalist in the world analysing every single Snowden doc publically released and certainly the only one now doing it via live stream! I am fundraising for a massive new journalism project that I am architect of. I need your help to support me while I get it off the ground.

Please donate to me at and send Bitcoin donations to 1JehB3FTrGkjc4AzJGNHsnbYdE75hRVmnU

Thank you!!

Livestreamed by Suzie Dawson; journalist, exile and Leader of the Internet Party of New Zealand.

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