Sunday 29 October 2017

More Facebook censorship

Kevin Hester is in Facebook jail

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Via Facebook

So here I am now in Facebook Jail.

Moments after I posted the latest interviews from Professor Guy
McPherson, I was banned by Facebook from posting or even commenting in groups. I have never posted or even commented in a way that breaks Facebooks' rules.

As our ecological crisis deteriorates at an exponential rate and the seaming inexorable re-rise of fascism gains momentum it seems that social media is being interfered with more and more.

The term "Conspiracy Theorist" was coined by the C.I.A. as a means to discredit those of us who speak truth to power. Their latest slogan is "Fake News"! HTF can Fox and CNN have the audacity to point the finger at us bloggers who relentlessly call out the corporate media when almost everything they post is the kind of propaganda that would make Edward Bernays blush.
If I disappear from Facebook, I will continue to chronicle the unraveling of the biosphere and the re-rise of fascism at my blog KEVINHESTER.LIVE

My next interviewee on Nature Bats Last will be Professor Paul Ehrlich whose latest paper is on the unfolding Biological Annihilation and the 6th Great Extinction that we humans have triggered. That paper is covered recently on my blog.

All the best everyone, the "Good Old Days" are behind us.

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