Tuesday 24 October 2017

Paul Beckwith on Insectageddon

People Manage To Kill Three-Quarters Of Flying Insects In Only 27 Years: Part A

Humans have always excelled at killing things. No species does it better than us. Technological advancement is fastest in development of more sophisticated and powerful weapons to kill off our enemies.

Corporate propaganda says that to have higher and higher yields of crops to feed exponential population growth we must develop more powerful pesticides to kill off more and more insects. We’ve succeeded in killing off 76% of flying insects in only 27 years. Oops. We need insects to pollinate our crops so that we can grow food. Doh... Not so smart...

Insectageddon: farming is more catastrophic than climate breakdown

Tweets of the Week: Paul’s Picks Oct 16-22

In this Guardian article, Monbiot argues that pesticide use in industrial scale farming is the root cause of crashing insect populations, and is a worse problem, along with industrial fishing, than climate change. Of course, abrupt climate change has its tentacles all over this ecosystem crash as well, and is a huge threat to global food supplies.

For the past five years, global September temperature was more than 1°C warmer than the 1880-1910 baseline. This has never happened before.

Response to–aboveStefan Rahmsdorf’s Tweet–above:
For the past five years, global September temperature was more than 1°C warmer than the 1880-1910 baseline.  This has never happened before.
Many articles on climate change refer to a “new normal”, in terms of extreme weather events (torrential rains with flooding, droughts with megafires, warmer oceans with Superstorm hurricanes, etc).  There is NO “new normal”; as abrupt climate change accelerates these extremes will continue to get worse and worse.
I have argued for many years:  2 videos, revisit and original (2015, 2014):  “Can sea level rise 7 meters by 2070?” that scientific consensus on sea level rise is way too conservative. In the past, seas have risen 50 mm (5 cm or two inches) per year for 5 decade periods; that’s 2.5 meters (100 inches; or over 8 feet) in 50 years. This coral study adds support to this view.
Logic 101 dictates that when Puerto Rico, an island of 3.6 million people, lacks electricity, fresh water, food, medicines since the hurricane strike over a month ago, the number of deaths will be much higher than reported.

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The  continues upwards (doubling in 5 yrs, up 50% in 2 yrs), ignoring the reality of abrupt  & 

Global markets and financial systems are completely and irrationally separated from the reality of our collapsing planetary ecosystemsMarkets will collapse; it is just a matter of time. And not as much time as you may think.
Superstorm Hurricanes are behaving very differently than before, in our turbocharged climate.  Harvey: lingered over Houston, Texas for many days due to slow jet streams. Irma & Maria:  huge size, Category 5 storms caused enormous destruction; ocean water much warmer than normal.
Nate: strengthened very fast, barrelled across very warm waters of Gulf of Mexico.
Ophelia: Formed very far east and went very far northward, setting many new records and reaching Ireland.
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