Monday 30 October 2017

Guy McPherson writes about his personal situation

Since I posted Guy’s article about the ‘stab in the back’ a few days ago I have had several requests for the details which I have been unwilling to provide on the basis that it is all private and it is up to Guy and Pauline to say as much, or as little, as they want about this shitstorm.

I have never regarded it as being my business, or anyone else’s but as usual, with everything on social media,people want all the salacious details.

I have been privy, pretty much to the backstory since day one but unwilling to say anything about it (or to show me material that was shown in confidence).

Now, Guy has decided to share the story.

My forlorn hope is that people will leave Guy alone and just stick with abrupt climate change and NTHE.

But I also know that unless he can provide himself with a firewall around himself that this will never happen.

I have seen some very disappointing volte-faces in people I earlier trusted. The effect of collapse on one particular individual who has written whole books on the subject seems to have turned their back on past understandings and become very conservative and obsessed with the evils of Donald Trump.

How can ordinary people deal with the changes if someone like this can’t?

Things are going down very quickly and my intention is to find as much love as I can while not compromisig the truth as I see it.

All’s Fair … ?

Guy McPherson

October 29, 2017

~ I would never betray a friend to serve a cause. Never reject a friend to help an institution. Great nations may fall in ruin before I would sell a friend to save them.
~ Edward Abbey

Contemporary “Western” culture is based primarily on opinion, not evidence. In such a culture, celebrities tend to be respected more than scientists, at least by the masses. In such a culture, the only thing deemed better than worshipping a public figure is destroying his or her reputation.

I’ve been assailed with defamation, character assassination, libel, and slander for nearly two decades. It’s ratcheting up. Based upon tidbits of online discussion taken out of context, articles have been written accusing me of terrible acts. In every case, I’ve shared accurate information with the authors of the hit pieces before they were made public. The information I provided was unethically ignored. The ensuing, evidence-free essays contained plenty of judgment, gossip, rumor, and innuendo, as befitting celebrity culture. They were believed without question by the unthinking masses.

This evidence-rejecting mentality is a huge problem with the current United States government. We can see the problems and predicaments that arise from the rejection of evidence. They are self-reinforcing and perpetuate a downward spiral into a deepening state of ignorance and bile.

The customary response to my work is fear. Fear is instinctual. Serious work is required to overcome it. Most people push away reality, instead choosing capitulation to the dominant, willfully ignorant paradigm of hope mixed with fear. 

Thus are sheep cornered by wolves.

A recent example of judgment, gossip, rumor, and innuendo involved Serena Marie Raphael McPherson, who is quite a clever piece of work. She asked me to participate in her online kink fantasies, including BDSM and a Shibari video of her. She even shared how to experience a “safe” rape fantasy. I was unaware of Shibari or rape fantasy until Serena introduced these concepts to me.

In other words, Serena taught me some serious kink. Then she began kink-shaming me. Not surprisingly, her lies have been accepted without question by the majority. As an example of her cleverness, college dropout Serena apparently broke no laws in orchestrating this character assassination.

I was recently asked why I would associate with somebody who admits to performing Shibari, a Japanese form of erotic art. Yes, really. Because in a patriarchal society, one is expected to negatively judge a person for their art. I’ll leave such judgment to patriarchs while I defend the attendant freedom of expression.

After nearly a year of online conversations that were playful, loving, and inspirational for us both, Serena carefully edited a few choice conversations to make it appear she was resisting my forceful advances. In fact, she requested my playful “advances” and she never resisted them. She then shared the correspondence strategically — something she has done with previous online partners, as I discovered later — and then began crying foul play.

Early in our conversations, I was warned about her. I naively proceeded as if she was being honest. Unlike Serena, “all about the money” Carolyn Baker, and many others too numerous to list here, I’ve so far not publicly shared our private messages. Such activity is not only unethical, it’s abusive and dangerous. That hasn’t bothered Serena and her nasty little cabal as they have selectively shared carefully edited bits of our online communication with numerous parties. Perhaps soon I’ll follow their lead, thus acting with the same impunity as Serena’s list of backstabbers: Baker, Derrick Jensen, and many others. If these former colleagues and friends are giddily unconcerned about my wellbeing, why do I remain concerned about theirs? Apparently Jensen is accustomed to Serena sharing her sexting with him from their previous online interactions. If this is the case, and I’ve seen no evidence to the contrary, then Jensen is the consummate hypocrite in singling me out for character assassination.

Less than a week before her engagement to Jeff Cole, while still married to a man who goes by the name of Shannon Phillips, Serena was asking if she could move to Belize to be with me. My partner Pauline offered her and her husband lodging in exchange for farm and veterinary work. In fact, Pauline began to build extra lodging in anticipation of their move to the homestead in Belize.

Pauline and I were stunned at Serena’s surprise engagement, which suggests that she had been communicating in depth for some time with her fiancĂ©. Serena was communicating with Jeff “Bobcat” Cole long enough to develop a “serious” relationship that might lead to marriage while having live chats with us and her husband about moving to Belize. She was playing both sides, probably in partnership with her husband Shannon.

Ultimately, Serena called me her teacher, among other things, but she had no 
need to interact with me. She did so out of pure desire. Whether her motivation was attention (sexual or otherwise), celebrity, or just to denigrate a minor public figure, the fact is she wasn’t relying on me for a grade, a job, or anything else (except loving attention). We were consenting adults in a victimless situation. In playing the childlike victim of online sex talk, Serena and those she has influenced diminish actual victims. Many people defending her as a victim fail to realize that she’s a perpetrator, not a victim, in this case. Her actions have led to accusations of felonious activity by me, as well as promises to murder me. I find myself in the usual position of attempting to defend activities about which I’m not guilty. Similarly ungrounded accusations were made in 2014 and contributed to the demise of a relationship that had persisted more than 30 years, as I’ve indicated in a prior essay in this space.

Let me be clear, for the truly dim masses who believe the accusations launched my way: I’m not a child rapist. Firstly, no child is involved. Secondly, there has been no physical contact: We never shared a continent, much less bodily fluids. The accusations, which endanger my life and the life of my partner, are patently false.

The Catch-22 of all this nonsense is that anyone defending me appears to be a mindless cult member, and anyone not supporting Serena appears to be a card-carrying member of the dominant culture (misogynist, straight, white, privileged male). Any woman not supporting her is “Stockholm” or worse.

Based on several stints as an expert witness in the judicial system, I know that most people believe whatever they hear first. Again, evidence is largely irrelevant in most cases characterized as two-sided.

My partner knew about every aspect of my relationship with Serena. As I’ve indicated, Pauline even invited her and her husband Shannon to move to this property in Belize.

I’m sorry this situation developed, although I’m not apologizing to Serena or anybody else for my actions. An apology is called for, although I doubt Serena nor any member of her cabal delivers.

Sex is a part of life and love. We clearly need more love on this planet. As British philosopher Bertrand Russell pointed out, “To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.” Given the writings of the people who fell for Serena’s lies, I’d guess Russell would declare them three parts dead.

What we do not need is the promulgation of lies, unsupported by evidence. This, unfortunately, is the mendacious approach adopted by Serena, Baker, Jensen, Sliwa, Cory Morningstar, Forrest Palmer, Lierre Keith, Nicole Foss, Keith Harmon Snow, and the many people who’ve adopted nonsensical, evidence-free writings as factual.

Any legitimate journalist would contact the subject of a critical piece of writing before publication. There are no longer any people I respect in the long list of misguided writers involved in this case.

Michael Jon Sliwa is a particularly disappointing case, although not a surprising one. I inspired Sliwa to chase a different carrot, with integrity. Then I gave him the tools to do so, including teaching him how to open a can with a canopener (when I met this 44-year-old mama’s boy he literally could neither open a can nor make a cup of tea). His response to my love: evidence-free character assassination with no integrity.
 I wonder: Did defaulting on thousands of dollars in credit-card debt finally catch up to him? What was his price?

Unencumbered by principles, Sliwa claims I have power over Serena, and by extension everyone else in the (nonexistent) near-term human extinction “community.” This is unsurprisingly illogical from somebody as unaffected by evidence as Sliwa (not to mention Baker and many others seriously afflicted with the dominant culture). Does Madonna have power over her listeners? Only the few juveniles who willingly give her power. As a longtime anarchist and adult, I’d be insulted by claims Madonna has power over me. And I’m not surprised Sliwa and many others point to Madonna and me as authorities with power.

Sliwa has yet again followed my lead in tuning out of Facebook. It’s been suggested his wife caught him spending a bit too much time intimately chatting with Serena on Facebook. I don’t know or care, and nothing about Sliwa or Serena surprises me at this point.

The mistakes I made were falling in love and trusting people. I’d do it all over again, given the opportunity. Not with Serena, of course, nor the cast of characters promulgating her lies.

Indeed, the recent suggestions that my partner and I are creating a pedophile ring in Central America are quite dangerous. People in this part of the world have killed for much less.

Onto the important issues. Yes, collapse of industrial civilization still beckons. Yes, human extinction is locked in by 2026. No, these false accusations from liars and fools do not falsify scientific evidence.

Based on hundreds of personal observations, there are people who accept and understand the evidence underlying my message, and then choose to integrate the message into their lives. They pursue love. With open, broken hearts, these people live fully every day. They seek truth and set aside pettiness. Clearly, none of the people attacking me have accepted my message. Rather, these money-grubbing liars have chosen personal power over principle, mediocrity over excellence, and indifference over love. As such, they reflect and model the dominant culture.

I’m emotionally torn, as you might expect. I’m attempting to pursue my message of living fully during my final days. And I’m also a fan of justice, so I’ve been working with a top-notch law firm to counter the defamatio.

There’s no money in extinction, but there is plenty of power to be garnered by defaming me. I know no way to stop unethical or illegal acts without legal action. Because such a step is expensive, I created a crowdfunding campaign in pursuit of justice in this case. Initial steps included an opportunity for some offending parties to redact their libelous blog posts and apologize. Each offender chose instead to engage in a legal battle that ultimately ended up with all my remaining money, and much of Pauline’s money, in the bank accounts of attorneys. As I’ve done repeatedly during my life, I have pursued right action at great cost. The pursuit continues, and I seek your support along the path of justice.

Needless to say I support Guy McPherson in trying to get some justice

Anti-Defamation Action

I seek your support as I pursue justice. Specifically, I am pursuing legal action against people who have libeled me.

I've been assailed with defamation, character assassination, libel, and slander for nearly two decades. It's ratcheting up. Based upon tidbits of online discussion taken out of context, articles have been written accusing me of terrible acts. In every case, I've shared accurate information with the authors of the hit pieces before they were made public. The information I provided was unethically ignored.

There's no money in extinction, but there is plenty of power to be garnered by defaming, libeling, and slandering me. I know no way to stop unethical or illegal acts without legal action.

---Guy McPherson

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