Monday 2 October 2017

840+ injured in conflicts with Spanish police sen tin to prevent referendum


The Catalan government beat the fascist goons with two very simple codes - as revealed by La Vanguardia.

"I've got the tupperware. Where do we meet?"

That was the code on a prepaid mobile phone for people to collect and protect the ballot boxes.

"I'm the paper traveller".

That was the code to protect the actual paper ballots.

Internet war, did you say?

--Pepe Escobar

Spanish FM says police actions in Catalonia ‘proportionate,’ number of injured rises to 840+

Spanish FM says police actions in Catalonia ‘proportionate,’ number of injured rises to 840+
Spanish police scuffle with a man outside a polling station for the banned independence referendum in Tarragona, Spain, October 1, 2017 © David Gonzalez / Reuters

1 October, 2017

The Spanish Foreign Minister has defended the actions of the national police amid the violence during the Catalan independence vote, restating the central government's claims that the actions were “proportionate,” while the number of injured surpassed 840.

You may think people were peacefully exercising their right to vote but the problem is this so-called referendum had been ruled illegal by the Constitutional Court,” Alfonso Dastis told SkyNews on Sunday.

Dastis denounced the referendum as “sham voting,” accusing the organizers of bringing in rigged ballot boxes, full of pre-planted votes. The official did not provide any proof for the allegations, though.

Spain's FM dismissed allegations of excessive police violence. "I don't agree with you that this is an extraordinary level of violence,” Dastis said.

The Regional Catalan government, has meanwhile announced new figures for the injured in today’s clashes, which has surpassed 844.

The lack of reaction towards the referendum clashes on the part of EU leaders, according to Dastis, is due to them waiting on “reliable information” as evidence of the violence to be distributed by the “defenders of the so-called” referendum, and which might contain “fake photos.” The official urged to “wait and see” until this “reliable information” of sorts emerges.

When asked about the Spanish government reaction should the Catalonia actually declare independence, the official took on the same expectative approach, stating that it should happen first and then talk about it.

Here is some coverage. Neither al-Jazeera nor Channel 4 hide where their sympathies lie whereas the BBC makes it look like a "clash" between two groups of young poeple within the context of an illegal referendum (BBC News videos are yet to appear on You Tube)

I also saw in the Live coverage that local Catalan police were defending Catalans against the Spanish Guardia who were brought in in overwhelming numbers.

Catalonia firefighters form human shield to protect referendum voters from riot police

Firefighters praised for 'protecting the public' after displaying their support for the independence referendum
1 October, 2017

People took to social media to praise the fire officers for stepping in to 'protect the public' from the violence seen since polling stations opened on Sunday morning.

Days before the referendum was due to take place hundreds of firefighters gathered along the roof of Catalonia's history museum with a banner saying 'Love democracy'.
Firemen in Catalonia having to protect people from police violence. Surely the police should protect people from violence not perpetrate it.
Firemen in Catalonia having to protect people from police violence. Surely the police should protect people from violence not perpetrate it.
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Thousands of people turned out to vote in the region on whether it should seek independence from the central Spanish government.

However it has been deemed illegal by Spain and the country's national police began to seize ballot boxes and voting papers from Catalan polling stations.

Hundreds of voters were also forcefully removed from polling stations with violent clashes breaking out in Barcelona and near the city of Girona.

Emergency services confirmed 38 people were hurt, mostly with minor injuries as a result of police action.

Voters described the police as “aggressive” and giving “no warning” and police were seen smashing into one polling station using a hammer and bolt cutters to break through the glass of the front door.

Seventy-three per cent of polling stations have been able to open, Catalan government spokesman Jordi Turull has announced.

He asked for patience, saying “there are constant attacks on the computer system”.

The ballot papers contain one question: “Do you want Catalonia to become an independent state in the form of a republic?” with two boxes: Yes or No.

Spain's Constitutional Court ordered the vote to be suspended and central authorities say it is illegal

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  1. Robin, just noticed this little gem on Zerohedge.

    "The Catalan government said voters could print out ballot papers at home and lodge them at any polling station not closed down by police."

    Why would anyone imagine that the Catalonians would not abuse this facility and just print out and fill in as many ballot papers as they like?


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