Friday 24 July 2015

High temperatures in the Meditterranean

High Sea Surface temperatures on the Meditterranean

Absolutely spectacular sea surface temperatures (SST) across the Mediterranean yesterday (and continuing today) - approximately 3-5 °C above the long term average for this period. Note the Tyyrhenian and northern Adriatic sea reaching 30-31 °C!

The vast majority of the Mediterranean is (well) above 25 °C. In some places temperature records have been broken.

The exceptionally high temperatures are the result of successive heat waves in the region over the past two months.

As a result of this, very high boundary layer moisture (sea heat content) is available for fueling the severe storms, as well as rising the potential for dangerous flooding events particularly along the Apennines, S Alpine flanks and the Dinarides into the autumn months if patterns support it.

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