Friday 31 July 2015

"Well, these people shouldn't come here"

Home Secretary calls for urgent changes amid ongoing port crisis after migrant dies in new mass assault on Channel Tunnel

"They're coming here for everything Britain has to offer"

It was my birthday yesterday so we decided to ring my sister in southern England. I haven't heard a word for 10 months so decided to break the ice.

My partner Pam, did the honours and spoke first.

Getting what called be called a 'cool' response Pam ploughed on.

"He hasn't been well you know".

"I've been busy" came the reply.

"You got in first", I  was told.

Coming on the line I managed to keep enough small talk coming - about the weather and questions about everyone's health.

Somehow it came down to meeting my estranged brother and to coming back from France.

"Hasn't the Chunnel been blocked?", I chimed in.

Yes, she said, It still is.

We're not affected but go south of Maidstone it's chaos,she said.

"Bit of a mess,is it?" I said

"Chaos", she said, "These people just want to come and take advantage of everything that Britain has to offer"

See: Prime Minister says he has sympathy for British holidaymakers

"Oh-oh", I thought, and quickly went about changing the subject onto safer ground.

But really my thoughts went more this way.

Yes, these people have come to Britain to enjoy the joys of the British winter, austerity and the National Front.

Perhaps tens of thousands of people suddenly had the bright idea - simultaneously - "let's go and enjoy the hospitality of Europe and the UK" and jumped into leaky boats and risked their lives just to follow their bright idea.

That's dedication for you.

After all, it's not as if their country had been bombed to smithereens by British jets (amongst others) or their country is being torn apart in a civil war that was fanned by the actions of the United States and their faithful British cousins.

It's not as if the people of Africa and the Middle East were part of an Empire that once made Britain rich.

"Well, what do you propose as a solution" might come the rather testy response to my observations.

"Nothing" I might say, "I'm just an observer of the mess created by your friends in the White House and Downing Street".

"Well, these people shouldn't come here"

Well, I might observe, scratch a member of the British ruling class you'll find a national fascist.

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