Sunday 26 July 2015


Anonymous launches Operation ‪#‎AnonDown‬

Via Facebook

"We will never forgive this. We will never forget our fallen. Expect all of us."

"The Canadian police killed a man who was wearing an Anonymous mask.

 Anonymous is responding. Now of all the people out there who could get angry with you, the one group you don't want to get angry with you, is Anonymous. In fact if there is one group on the planet - and I believe there is ONLY one group on the planet at this time that is capable of offering any challenge - legitimate challenge to the oligarchy, to the police state, to the fascists in police uniforms and military uniforms, to the insiders - it's Anonymous - not Chris Hedges, not Rabbi Lerner, none of the progressives, none of the corporate Democrats, or liberals or Republicans. Because these people are virtually immune from prosecution or persecution, because they control the media. 

The only thing that is not controlled yet as a group, is Anonymous. But in this case they killed one of them. So when you kill one of Anonymous - unlike any other group in America - they're not gonna take it."

-Gary Null

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