Thursday, 5 July 2018

Why OFFICIAL temperatures diverge so much from actual ones

Mid-winter in Lower Hutt, New Zealand

As I keep on saying we have climate change deniers. Now we even have weather deniers.

Yet another day where the official version diverges from what things actually are.

It was too overcast for there to be a frost and it was overcast and already warmer at 9.30 than what the official weather reporting was forecasting as maximum. At 2 pm this is what the sky looks like and the temperature in the shade was 16.9 degrees, not the 12 degrees they mention here.

How can the temperature be 5 DEGREES out. We only live across the river from Lower Hutt?!

Yet people keep making excuses.

There is no doubt this is the CLOSEST we’ve had to a winter for the last couple of years or so as demonstrated by our magnolia tree which lost its leaves earlier this year.

An elderly friend in Alicetown describes the frosts and ice in winter here - regularly not once or perhaps twice in the season.

I would like to do an oral history. It might educate some of the younger people who think this is normal.

Already our osteopath said that this is “like a spring day” And a friend who is doing painting outside was remarking about the preposterous reporting of temperatures.

As I keep on saying, the weather I grew up in in the 60’s was substantively the same as what my father experienced in the late 20’s.

Nothing like today!

P.S. I am keeping a diary over the next month and hope to report withe actual figures,not just impressions, on the actual situation. 

This is from the ONE real frost we have had this winter. What is newsworthy today was a regular occurrance in the past

Here are the statistics for 'normal'.

Statistics for 1985-2015JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecgraphs
Mean Daily Temperature (°C)18.218.316.614.
Mean Daily Max Temp (°C)22.522.621.018.415.913.412.813.815.617.018.720.8graph
Mean Daily Min Temp (°C)14.013.912.
Mean Rainfall (mm)857889931201551381321091409493graph
Mean Sunshine (hours)235201198154136105124143158176194202graph
Mean Wind Speed (km/hr) 8.6

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