Thursday, 7 June 2018

Paul Ehrlich on Nature Bats Last

When I was at secondary school in 1972 we did a subject in social studies about how the ‘stork would pass the crow’ by the year 2000 and the population (which was 4 billion at the time) would surpass the abiity of the world to feed itself. I was so fascinated that I found and read the work by Paul and Anne Ehrlich, “the Population Bomb”.

Back then I could t scarcely have imagined that 46 years later that Paul Ehrlich would be coming into my livingroom with a message that, if anything, is more dire than it was back then.

Here is yesterda’s broadcast with some other supplementary material that will bear out what Prof.Ehrlich and Kevin are saying.

Prof. Paul Ehrlich and Kevin Hester in conversation

Today’s guest on Nature Bats Last is Professor Paul Ehrlich. Professor Ehrlich and show host Kevin Hester discuss the unfolding Ecological Armageddon and the book “The Annihilation of Nature” co-written with Anne Ehrlich and Gerado Ceballos.


The Annihilation of Nature: Human Extinction of Birds and Mammals

by Gerardo Ceballos (Author), Anne H. Ehrlich (Author), Paul R. Ehrlich (Author)

Orangutan 'confronts' bulldozer felling trees

A video by International Animal Rescue shows an orangutan apparently confronting a bulldozer that is destroying its habitat.


Chinese Rape of Mozambique Forests

Video taken at Vanduzi Mozambique. 19.07.2017

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