Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Shi'ite rebellion in Saudi Arabia and oil

We're getting more considered commentary from the 'other' side.
I have little doubt that the Saudis are lying - they have plenty of reason to.

Comments from Mike Ruppert:

The excellent report from Radio New Zealand adds much more detail to recent events in KSA. We can now say the following with certainty based on approximately 30 press reports emerging from a region where transparency is about as abundant as water in Texas.
The aorta of global crude oil shipment lies between KSA's pipeline collection facility at Abqaiq and its only major supertanker port at Ras Tanura. My original reporting disclosed that last week. While Iran is claiming total destruction of the pipeline, we can now say that at a bare minimum several small blasts or "fires" have occurred near the pipelines carrying between six and nine million barrels per day, or 9% of the world's daily oil supply. Whatever the extent of damage, there is no hiding the fact that the most important oil artery in the world is under attack. There will be no let up in the upward pressure in oil prices. If the aorta is completely severed, my guess is that we will know within six days. What oil prices do in that time will give us an indication of how much damage has really been caused. In the entire world, there is no other state that suppresses free speech, truth, and accurate reporting more than the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. -- MCR

Saudi unrest set to trigger oil price hike

Press TV,

Oil prices have soared to their highest level in the past ten months following reports of an explosion of pipelines in Saudi Arabia's oil-rich Eastern Province

Although this piece misses the BIg Picture (namely oil) it does give a good backgrounder to the growing rebellion in Saudi Arabia.  It is onlya matter of time before the ‘proverbial hit the fan’

The Shi’ite rebellion in Saudi Arabia

Radio New Zealand, 

Cairo-based Middle East correspondent for The Global Mail, Jess Hill, discussing the growing rebellion in Saudi Arabia.

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