Monday 23 November 2020

Weekend reflections on current events

We are swimming in a sea of lies




Weekends are a time that I like to give to just thinking and assessing. That is something that I have to do frequently as the world becomes a more and more insane place and all my assumptions of yesterday have to be assessed and,min some cases thrown out.

I just want to give a few examples.

Just a few weeks ago the Guardian printed an article about the results of an expedition to the Russian Arctic which revealed the extent of methane emissions in the Laptev Sea.

This elicited the Facebook fact checkers who decided the article was inaccurate and needed some context. The context was that, basically there is nothing to worry about.

Then yesterday I came across an article from the wonderful Siberian Times.

We have researchers from several countries confirming what I have known to be the case for some years. This is something I have been watching for several years.

The very people dissing this research are the very people who have been pouring cold water on serious field research because it flies in the face of their computer models that told us that what we are actually seeing now would happen in the year 2100. When that position became untenable they told us 2050.

We are literally being told by these experts - and I am thinking of the dreadful Dr. Michael Mann and Gavin Schmidt who took over the reins at NASA Goddard Center from James Hansen- that we should ignore our lying eyes.

What is 30 years of field research in the Arctic by Peter Wadhams and the Russian researchers like Igor Semiletov when you can have pooped like Mann and Schmidt tweaking their computer models?

We have people across the board telling us that everything is not as bad as we would like to think, that these are just “seasonal variations”, showing us the graphs to demonstrate that this year was the SECOND lowest ice extent on record, pretending that thin ice and slush can be equated with sea ice extent in 2012, when the ice was still relatively intact.

Once again, we are being asked to ignore what we can see with our own eyes, to ignore the evidence of the Polar Stern who celebrated being able to sail unimpeaded through thin ice right through to the North Pole.

Never happened , you know. The graphs and the computer modelling tell us something different.

I often think why is this happening. Is it psychological, denial of something happening before our eyes? Is it professional jealousy? Is it just corruption - saying what is needed to keep the money flowing in.

Is it because the official narrative is one of supposed solutions to something that is occurring much more frequently than most would have suspected? 

You can’t have a globalist agenda like 2030 if the ice is melting before our very eyes.

Much better to ignore the rapidly melting ice or the methane releases in the Laptev and concentrate on things like that have a longer time frame attached to them like the melting of the Greenland ice cap.

Sea level rise is happening, yes, but at a slower rate at is happening in the Arctic. That is all quite commensurate with “solutions” like the Great Reset which is being done in the name of sustainability and saving the planet - when it is really more about control of the many of the few and reinventing the economy in the interests of the tiny minority of technocrats who would rule over us.

I am positive that we have unleashed God knows how many positive feedbacks and crossed several trigger points such that it does not matter so much any more what we do. 

We close the world economy down and emissions keep going up because they are coming from sources other than madmade industrial emissions such as huge wildfires across the globe.

So, it does not mean much to argue whether the melting icecaps are from CO2 emissions, geoengineering or terraforming by aliens. 

It is happening.

The egregious lies from scientists, governments and media lead me to think that if I was starting from scratch and didn’t know what I know about the real situation I would be more sympathetic to some of the arguments of the denialists.

And I mean the real denialists because people like myself or Guy McPherson have always been tainted with the slur “climate change denier” by the very people who were only out in their projections BY ABOUT 80 YEARS.

We have been shown to more right than they but WE are the climate change deniers.

Go back to about 2008 when positive feedbacks were a theoretical affair and there was a lot more honesty. 

Now we are swimming in a sea of lies.

I remember going to a lecture by a local glaciologist who showed a film made 19 years earlier that was quite accurate but went on to deny his own film and say everything was OK if only we would plant more trees. He became quite visibly angry when it was suggested that things were worse he was trying to display.

That was the public face. In private, shortly afterwards he expressed his fear of a world without glaciers.


That brings me to the question of geoengineering.

Some time back my partner, Pam and I started noticing skies like this;

I started investigating and asking people for explanations to this. In all my 60 years on this planet, living in both the North Island and the South island of NZ (and some other places as well),  I have never seen anything like this.

Then I started to see things like this.

But even to ask the questions leads to instant ridicule. You dicover quickly what you can and cannot talk about. It can cost relationships.

Well, I have never been one to give in to the mob. Rather this nonsense spurs me on to question further even if that takes me to some lines of inquiry that I would never have followed otherwise.

It all comes down to following the evidence and seeing where it takes you.

For me it usually raises more questions rather than giving definitive answers which is what the overwhelming people crave.

People want to identify a source that they can follow to the end. 


And now we come to the situation in the United States. That is a truly partisan affair. I do not wish to smash my way into someone’s civil war. I may ended up being cancelled.

But I wish to provide a little of my own perspective from the outside.

I wish to show what the evidence, of at least what the evidence I see shows me.

In this I pay scant attention to what the mainstream is telling us to believe.

For example right through the US summer I have been following unruly mobs burn down their own city. The evidence is overwhelming. 

Yet we have been told throughout that the riots are “mainly peaceful”.

And this, taken from a CNN broadcast shows the preposterousness of this.

And yet,once again we are being asked to believe what we are being TOLD by CNN, BBC, MSNBC etc., now joined by Fox News to ignore what our eyes tell us.

We are constantly told that the main threat comes from the far-Right and from the Proud Boys. It does make sense that there would be trouble from right-wing militias and I would expect this.

However, this is not what I am seeing. I followTwitter every day and have yet to see photographic evidence of the same violence,pillaging and looting that we see night after night from Antifa and BLM.

For me seeing is believing.

I am sure that if the Proud Boys we’re responsible for this type of violence we would see the evidence emblazoned across the pages of the press and yet we don’t see any more than individual cases. Instead we are being TOLD what to believe.

I always thought that the novel 1984 was supposed to be a warning and not a manual.

My interest in Trump was piqued when I saw he wanted to bring home at least some of the troops back from wars that have been ongoing for up to 20 years and by his attention to “drain the swamp” in Washington DC.

Instead 4 years later we see a president who has been neutralised and emasculated by the same Deep State to the extent that he has been reduced to tweeting and having his tweets censored by social media giants who are subject to no one.

I’m sorry. I just don’t see the dictator. I see the authoritarian instincts in Trump, yes, but not a dictator. Rather someone who has been rendered powerless.

Up to now, perhaps - but I will come to that in a few minutes.

When I look at how things might turn out I see nothing nothing but trouble.

If Biden, someone all the evidence indicates is as corrupt as hell and compromised by the Chinese Communist Party, then I can see and end to the Republic. 

No one will ever believe the results of an election, ever again.

If the present situation is turned around and Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell are successful in the Supreme Court (I have heard that the Trump team are allowing the state courts to make their decisions but will present all the evidence they have been accumulating to the Supreme Court - certainly not to Tucker Carlson or any other media wonk - I expect the Democrats will burn the place down in their rage.

Then the real violence will begin.

I have been watching the decline of America and it’s empire for some time and it has little to do with Trump , Biden or any of the other players in all this.

When I was thinking of this a nursery rhyme came to mind

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again."

I would like to share two pieces of news (not conjecture) that I have picked up that give some idea of where things COULD be headed.

I picked both items up from watching TruNews. I grasped the significance immediately but no one else seems to have.

The first thing is that, subsequent to the sacking of Secretary of  Defense,Mark Esper all the special forces (navy deals) have been consolidated under civilian leadership. 

This is not a diktat of Donald Trump but something voted for by Congress 3 years ago but never acted on by the Pentagon.

I don’t think that the Trump administration has done this just to hand more power to Joe Biden. Instead, it allows them to deploy special forces to maintain order and bring down the insurrection as Trump wanted to do’previously in summer when mobs tried to burn St Johns church and to possibly storm the White House.

If it is as I think it is it would render Obama’s threat to put in the navy seals to drag Trump out of the WH, look pretty empty.

The second bit of news, from Friday is that their has been a reallocation of Supreme Court judges to circuits that encompass those states where the results of the election are open to question, to put it mildly.

I am telling you this because I think it is important and lays the media narrative that it is all done and dusted, and Joe Biden is on his way to the WH open to question.

God knows where this is all headed but from where I am sitting it does not look good at all.

Returning to climate change for a moment it may seem strange that I would not join the chorus of denunciation of Donald Trump. After all he has been absolutely distastrous for anything environmental.

Everyone I watch is pinning their hopes on Biden. He’s going to “save the world”.

But once again we have rhetoric and reality just as we had with Barack Obama who spoke beautiful words about climate change and the environment but turned around and DID THE OPPOSITE.

So now Biden has appointed his climate change spokesperson who, it turns out is straight out of the oil industry.

But Joe’s going to save the world. Yeah, right!

I dislike hypocrisy and double standards above all and in Trump we know what we have.

But between you, me and the lamp post I don’t think either of them is going to do diddly squat for the planet or the environment and it is nothing but the most extreme form of delusion to think one of them will.

That’s my two cents worth.


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