Wednesday 25 November 2020

Maybe it's not all over yet

 Joe Biden will not be sworn in. He will be arrested”

Following on from yesterday's report Rick Wiles relates something told to him by a personal friend who is an insider in the Trump team raising funds at the state level.

He said that someone from security had told him that the Department of Justice has ALL the transactions between  Hunter Biden and his son and that Joe Biden would not be sworn in as POTUS but arrested instead - that he would 'capitulate' - those are the words.

This is just part of the moving feast of US politics and has, in my mind just be listened to and put to one side while we wait and see what transpires.

I regard this as an honest retelling of one person's story.

I don't believe ANYONE who claims they know what is going on - everything is so complicated and convoluted right now.

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