Saturday 28 November 2020

Heatwave in Australia

 Scorching heatwave brings bushfire threats to Australia

A dangerous heatwave is sweeping across parts of Australia with some temperatures predicted to reach up to 18 degrees Celsius above average. Firefighters are already battling bushfires in Queensland and South Australia with further warnings in place for today. In South Australia, an emergency message has been reduced in Templers in the Barossa Valley, north of Adelaide. Crews are monitoring for flare-ups amid extreme fire levels. In Queensland, two bushfires are burning in Rockhampton and Fraser Island. Bushfires have broken through containment lines with hot, dry and windy weather expected to hinder firefighting efforts today. Residents are not being advised to leave the island. Total fire bans are in place across parts of Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.


  1. AUSTRALIA’S 2-DAY HEATWAVE OVER-HYPED, AS DECEMBER 1ST THREATENS RECORD COLD AND RARE SUMMER SNOW... I´m sure you will also talk about that in the upcoming weeks.



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