Saturday 21 November 2020

Smartmatic and Dominion are hiding their direct ties?

This complements what I reported yesterday - The REALITY behind claims about Smartmatic and the Venezuelan connection.

They are trying to scrub the internet of evidence but we must not let them

Smartmatic Denies Transfer of Technology to Dominion Voting Systems — Articles Scrubbed from Website — But Internet Archive Never Lies 

Gateway Pundit

20 November, 2020

Why are Smartmatic and Dominion hiding their direct ties?

Why are they scrubbing the internet of articles linking the two companies?

Smartmatic posted a tweet this week outright denying their transfer of technology to Dominion voting systems.

But there is evidence that this is completely false.

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In December 2007 Smartmatic announced the sale of their Sequoia Voting Systems to Dominion Voting Systems.
Smartmatic published a press release announcing their sale Sequoia voting systems as shown in screenshot below.
Below you will find a press release from Dominion voting systems announcing their purchase of a Intellectual properties, Hardware and Software that was once owned by Smartmatic.
Here is the link to the press release PDF that is now erased from the internet but can be found by using
Dominion and Smartmatic have both tried to erase their ties by deleting the original press release from their websites.
Many publications linked in Wikipedia articles for Sequoia voting and Smartmatic are now erased from the internet, but you can still use to view them as they were when they posted the article.
Many articles correlate this, many mainstream news articles also addressed Dominion purchasing Sequoia although never naming Smartmatic as the parent company owner of Sequoia.

If you try and view the Smartmatic press release in the year 2011 on it redirects you to which is a clear linkage between these companies.

Last week Smartmatic on Twitter  and on their official website released a statement outright denying the supply of ANY TECHNOLOGY to Dominion. 

This clearly proves that statement factually incorrect since IP, Hardware and Software once owned by Smartmatic has indeed changed hands to Dominion.

Other websites that also correlate Smartmatic and Dominion transferring technology include

This website seems to have been collecting information for years on all different companies and machines and allocating profiles and providing profiles of such companies as Sequoia and Dominion.

Scrolling down to the bottom of Sequoia Voting Systems page on VerfiedVoting you’ll see a manufacture profile which also states Smartmatic sold Sequoia to Dominion.

Obviously, Smartmatic is desperately trying to remove their links to Dominion.

Dominion, on the other hand, is skipping House committee hearing and lawyering up.

Do innocent companies act like this?

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