Friday, 1 November 2019

Conditions in the Arctic - 31 October, 2019

I recorded a conversation with Torstein Viddal in Greenland and Jennifer Hynes today

Arctic Methane No Tricks All 

Treat Show | Jennifer Hynes 

& Robin Westenra

As preparation for this I gathered some of the latest data

Surface methane emissions in the Arctic exceed 2100 ppb

Total column emissions of methane globally all exceed 1800 ppb

Margo has been measuring average figures for methane from METOP-1 and METOP-2 (NOAA) for much of this year and has registered an increase in AVERAGE emissions.

Ice continues to be very thin even as ice returns to the Russian Arctic.

This is from 2 years ago - 2017

Seas CONTINUE to be anomalously high.

We  can get a glimpse of the present state of Arctic ice in the Canadian sector. There is still  very little sunshine.

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