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Global headlines - 27 November, 2019

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Global car sales expected to slide by 3.1 million this year in steepest drop since Great Recession
We Can Only Choose One: Our National Economy or Globalization
The servitude of society to a globalized economy is generating extremes of insecurity, powerlessness and inequality.
BC Is the Eviction Capital of Canada, Says StatsCan
New report finds more than 80,000 people faced eviction, foreclosure over five years.

## Airline death spiral ##
It Is True That Corruption Caused The 737 MAX Accidents. But It Was Not Foreign.
Why Lifesaving Drugs May Be Missing on Your Next Flight
Citing chronic shortages, airlines have received exemptions from regulations requiring that flights carry five drugs on board.

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Libyan Force Imposes ‘No-Fly Zone’ Amid Fight for Capital
India will pay the Russian defense companies in roubles, Russia’s currency.
NGA breaks ground on new St. Louis campus
The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency will break ground on its new campus in St. Louis Nov. 26, putting it on schedule to be open and operational by 2025.
The Art of Command, The Science of AI
Future commanders will need to know how to use artificial intelligence to make decisions—including when not to trust it. But how do you decide?
Once the power goes out, future commanders will need to make the best use of horses, wagons, and foot soldiers armed with swords and spears. -- RF

It's a stark indication that the oil industry has been skimping on upstream investment for some years already. This is also bad news for renewables, which depend on fossil fuels to manufacture their hardware. -- RF
It Bears Repeating: Renewables Alone Won’t End the Climate Crisis
‘We have to look at downsizing, degrowth, using less.’
Indeed, the math just doesn't work. Renewables will never support civilization as we know it. Unfortunately, governments, businesses, and international organizations are hell-bent on sustaining the unsustainable, and even expanding it. Finally, recall the three requirements for energy systems. The question of how renewables stack up will be answered definitively when society ditches fossil fuels and relies solely on renewables. -- RF
“We have a ticking bomb with high-level waste and fuel rods at Koeberg,” said Makoma Lekalakala, Earthlife Africa’s director.

## Got food? ##
Researchers map food sustainability across the planet
Food production is threatened more by impending financial collapse than by climate change. -- RF

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Neocon Uses Impeachment To Push Russophobic Agenda (David Stockman; part 3 of series)
Report Claims Iran Considered Attacking US Bases in Middle East
The media furor surrounding the Iranian threat continues apace on Monday, with a dubious claim that Iran gave serious consideration to attacking US military bases in the Middle East in September, before deciding against it.
Russian Trolls Have Virtually No Effect On US Twitter Users: Duke University

The Nochlezhka homeless charity, founded in St. Petersburg in 1990, has faced strident criticism from Muscovites opposed to its plans to open a project in the Russian capital, where stigma against the homeless is high. Experts estimate that Moscow has an estimated 50,000-100,000 homeless people.
The study paints a bleak picture of a workforce plagued by drug overdoses, suicides and organ-system diseases while grappling with economic stresses.
Completely nuts. -- RF

## China ##
Once ambitious to expand into the US, some Chinese firms are now scaling back
Many Chinese firms have announced partnerships in Southeast Asia, Europe, and even the Middle East.
New cache of Xinjiang papers ‘a manual for China’s detention camps’
Trove of classified Chinese documents reveals instructions on how to prevent escapes and maintain secrecy about the system, journalists’ group says

## UK ##
Three Britons brought back from Sierra Leone over Ebola-like virus
‘Disastrous’ shortcomings in Home Office’s settled status scheme will leave ‘at least hundreds’ of homeless EU nationals undocumented, say lawyers and NGOs
Moody’s cut Ford’s rating to Ba1, the agency’s highest junk-bond rating, on Sept. 19, finding that Ford’s debt has what the agency’s ratings scale calls “speculative elements.″
Either way, "economic ruin" is assured. Plan accordingly. -- RF

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