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Headlines - 29 November, 2019

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Global Recovery Derailed As World Trade Plunges Again, Recovery Hopes Fade For 2020
...the government borrows money by issuing bonds and then orders its central bank to buy those bonds by creating, or “printing,” money that doesn’t actually result in printed bills going into circulation.
It's called hocus-pocus economics. No new energy is being created by this cheap trick. -- RF
German Central Bank: Gold Is the Bedrock of Stability for the International Monetary System
European central banks are slowly preparing for plan B: gold.

## Airline death spiral ##
FAA says it again: Boeing’s 737 Max is not ready for certification
Boeing 777X fuselage reportedly split during September stress test
The fuselage of a Boeing 777X split during a stress test in September, damage that was worse than previously disclosed, according to a Seattle Times report.

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Trump says U.S. to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorists
The road toward Greater Eurasia
Kazakhstan’s first president has road map for 21st century: global alliance of leaders for nuclear-free world
It's hard to say how far any such projects anywhere in the world will get before the bottom falls out. -- RF
Pompeo: U.S. will impose further sanctions on Iran for human rights abuses
This is a matter for the Iranians to settle without outside interference. -- RF
Planet SOS: Where will climate refugees go when the tide rises?
We travel to the island nation of Palau to explore the impact of rising seas and warming waters due to climate change.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Hundreds of banks and government sites burned in Iran unrest - interior minister
The current industrial-agriculture regime, not to mention globalized competition, drive farmers into destructive and unsustainable practices. -- RF
French farmers clog highways to protest at "agri-bashing"
Iraqi protesters set fire to Iran consulate in Najaf: police, first responders
Bolivian Police Gas Funeral March in Latest Crack-Down
The UK oil and gas industry is set to spend more than £15bn on decommissioning activity in the North Sea over the next decade, as thousands of wells are expected to be withdrawn from service by 2030.
Wood McKenzie estimates that operators of offshore installations in the Asia-Pacific region, which includes the South East Asia region, Australia and New Zealand, could face a total decommissioning bill of over $100 billion for just 2,600 platforms and 35,000 wells.
As with nuclear power, monster bills come due after the energy is produced. I suspect that due to this heavy cost burden, much of the decommissioning work will not be properly done, or done at all. But the same can be said for renewables — see following articles. -- RF
Good luck with that. -- RF
• Shale
Shale oil explorers say outlook for growth contradicts grim reality
Shale wildcatters, after years eye-rolling at skeptics, are now saying global analysts are underestimating just how severe the industry’s slowdown is.

## Got food? ##
More E. coli illnesses linked to romaine lettuce, CDC says 67 people in 19 states sick
If this keeps up, the food shortages could start at any time. -- RF
Walmart Pork Found To Have "Superbug" Bacteria Resistant To Antibiotics

## Environment/health ##
Cave Fire burns 4,000 acres in Southern California; evacuations ordered

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
The whistleblower complaint has opened a window into the politicization of the intelligence community, and the corresponding weaponization of the national security establishment.
Energy Dept. Has Thousands of ‘Critical’ Cyber Security Gaps, Auditors Say
Their review, which included locations operated by the National Nuclear Security Administration, revealed multiple cybersecurity weaknesses recurring year after year.
Facebook works to restore access after Thanksgiving Day outage
Facebook Inc said it was working to restore access on Thursday to its users after issues with its central software systems triggered an outage in its family of apps including Instagram on the busy Thanksgiving Day holiday.
California Makes $50 Million Annually Selling Your DMV Data

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Narrative Managers Faceplant In Hilarious OPCW Scandal Spin Job

## Japan ##
Japan's declining birthrate is believed to be behind the shortage of applicants.
Commodity giant Tewoo Group reportedly could become one of China's all-time high profiled state-owned enterprises to default on a U.S. dollar bond.
Food banks bracing for record high demand over Christmas period

## US ##
Scathing Reports Document Worker Abuses At Amazon Warehouses Just In Time For Holiday Rush
The report that drew the most attention was a joint project between the Reveal Center for Investigative Reporting and The Atlantic which found that Amazon warehouse workers are seriously injured on the job at twice the rate of other warehouse workers - likely a factor of Amazon's demanding conditions.
Amazon Ring Doorbell Camera to Build Watchlist of “Suspicious” Neighbors for Police
Amazon is working with law enforcement on a system that will identify people who are considered "suspicious."

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