Tuesday 17 January 2017

Greenpeace intercepts the seismic blasting ship that's exploring for oil 50NM east of Wairarapa, NZ

Intercepting the Amazon Warrior AKA The Beast
SO beautiful here on the Wairarapa coast. But nearby lurks The Beast, a monster seismic blasting ship looking for oil...

Yesterday two Greenpeace boats intercepted the seismic blasting ship that's exploring for oil 50NM east of Wairarapa. They delivered this cease and desist message from over 60,000 New Zealanders:http://greenpeace.nz/cease-and-desist

Current position of / 's seismic blasting ship Amazon Warrior AKA THE BEAST off Wairarapa exploring for oil.


  1. Alas any form of protest now is just playing the game, it is a form of support of this system. Because if the protesters truly understood how utterly stuffed it all is then they would just laugh at the fools who think there is a future that actually needs oil/gas/new weapons etc etc. Everything we hold dear or hate is coming to an end, from all the beauty of nature to the children scavenging food from our rubbish dumps, or from the oil companies with most of their infrastructure less than 1 meter above sea level, and like all of humanity dependent on a growing food supply and need for clean water and topsoil, and clean air. ALL of which is fast coming to an end, regardless of weather 'we' drill for oil or not, it wouldn't matter if every protester became part of/controlled 'world government' or if 'world government' introduced martial law, and executed all the protesters ...... this system is going down at its own speed, which is a shit load faster than anyone can accept, hence the protesters, oil companies, munition manufacturers, school/road builders, maternity wards, etc ..... sad.

  2. Yes, Western civilization is imploding, rather than restructuring...mainly due to the greed of the hydrocarbon hounddogs themselves. If the oil and nuclear industries had not suppressed the alternative energy researchers we would already be off of oil, gas, coal and nuc energy. Now there is a race to create sustainable energy systems and infrastructure before the next ice age. Judging from the behavior of the sun we may have only years or decades. The NWO seems bent on their depopulation programs via war, disease, famine, weatherwars and chemtrails.


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