Monday 30 January 2017

The 'Muslim ban' seen in context

This should be watched by everyone as Debbie is asking people to see today’s events in the context of everything that has come before, especially 9/11/

Trump 'Muslim' Ban Preceded By Obama Administration DHS Order; Let's Talk About How We Arrived Here


Trump 'Muslim' ban (moratorium ) preceded by Department of Homeland Security orders under Obama administration. We need a FULL discussion on LONG chain of events that led up to yesterday and OWN our responsibility for creating conditions for this to manifest. Let's expand the discussion!

Muslim Countries US Has Been Actively Bombing:

Article on Obama Administration Department of Homeland Security Order referred to in video (lot of links within this source):

Tulsi Interview Talking about Syria & US Arming Isis/Al Queda Groups:

How US Instrumental in Creating ISIS/Ben Swann:

Here is the text of the Trump Order:

9/11 resources as just a very beginning place to start:

Who Was Really Behind 9/11 Attacks?

Keith Ellison - General Overview Video including Syrian Policy (links in the video description for this video):

James 'Mad Dog' Mattis (98 out 2 Senators voted in): (Gilabrand opposed who support horrid war policy, but is running for President in 2020):

Mattis on Scapegoating Islam for Our War for Profit Founded on Lies:

James Mattis War Criminal:

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