Sunday 22 January 2017

A rant from Debbie, Sane Progressive

All the anger and upset is really people afraid of losing their sense of security

I am at a loss for words after all tje excitement of the US election and now the enthronement of Donald J Trump.

My impression has been of people who were until recently (or at least until 9/11/2001), quite reasonable people.

People are angry, people are upset, esentially at losing their privilege without really knowing why. and entitement.

Never mind those who have long lost their lives and liberty.

They were quite happy to have their liberties taken away from them, to have imperial (and unjust) wars fought on their behalf.

Their pretend world is falling apart rather quickly

So they react and hit out at what is in front of them. They believe preposterous stories of Russian hackers (today’s equivalent of ‘Reds in the bed’) and all the blame is directed at one person – the grotesque figure of Donald J Trump.

Now, I’ll leave it up to Debbie, Sane Progressive to lay things out and speak for me

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