Saturday 21 January 2017

Trump inauguration

There will be a lot said about this for a long time but this is a start

Trump inaugurated as president

  • Trump and his ‘deplorables’ take on globalism
  • We are less close to war than we were yesterday
  • The TPP and similar deals are history
  • Trump relies on an appeal to working people, by-passing official Washington

We will not impose our way of life, but we will shine for others to follow ‒ Trump

My commentary for today comes from Don DeBar and CRP News. They are coming from the Left, as opposed to the faux-Left.

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  1. Most people who come to this site must know the situation is so bad, that it wouldn't matter if we had Ronald McDonald, 3 chickens and a bysexual cammel running the show, they couldn't make the situation worse than it is.
    I think Trump truly believes he can do some good, and bring the USA back to 2 cars in the freehold garage down stairs, etc ... it just isn't going to happen.
    I would think over the next 18 months or so Trump is going to look as much like a stunned mullet as the rest of us.


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