Friday 20 January 2017

CNN imagines Donald Trump dead

I can't think of anything more disguting and reprehensible. Is there anything to make me think that CNN does not WANT Donald Trump dead?

CNN Prophesizes Trump, Pence Getting Assassinated During Inauguration


19 January, 2017

In an unbelievably brazen and somewhat unnerving report, CNN decided to openly brainstorm what would happen if President-elect Donald Trump and Vice-President-elect Mike Pence were assassinated at Friday's inauguration ceremony. Their conclusion? That a member of the Obama cabinet would be selected to take over as president.

Discussing the list of precautions which have been taken to ensure the President-elect's security at his swearing-in ceremony, CNN contributor Brian Todd's bizarre report pondered just "who would be in charge if an attack hit the incoming president, vice-president, and Congressional leaders just as the transfer of power is underway."

"According to the Constitution," Todd said, "if the president and vice president are killed or incapacitated, next in line is the House Speaker, then the President Pro Tempore of the Senate."
"But what if something happened to them at the inauguration, too?" he asked. "After that, it goes down the list of cabinet secretaries, starting with secretary of state. On the day of the inauguration, as a precaution, a cabinet secretary called the 'designated presidential successor' will not attend the inauguration, ready to step in if something happens."
"But it won't be a Trump cabinet secretary, since none of them have been confirmed yet. It will be an Obama appointee," Todd noted. "No word from the White House on who that will be on Friday."
Bizarre in and of itself, Todd's report was prefaced by anchor Wolf Blitzer, who uncomfortably led into the story by dramatically asking "What if an incoming president and his immediate successors were wiped out on day one?"
Speaking to the news network, a legal expert emphasized that "you might actually end up with a president from the prior administration because of a tragedy." This person, the expert said, could even be someone as obscure as an acting secretary of state, since Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to resign by noon on Friday.
"The uncertainty creates the potential for chaos, high theater, or a hit tv drama," Todd facetiously added, before playing scenes from the 2016 ABC drama 'Designated Survivor', which is based on a scenario where the President and key members of Congress are killed in a terror attack.

The network's curious report prompted outrage on social media, and in the video's YouTube comments section, with users suggesting that CNN was trying to incite a presidential assassination.
"Totally not suggesting anything here, huh CNN?" one user asked. "LOL. Nothing is going to happen. Why so much death and negatives around Trump?" another pondered.
Others simply flagged the video, which was massively downvoted, saying that in light of repeated death threats against the President-elect in recent weeks and months, the report could be said to "incite violence," which is against YouTube's terms of service.
Others still noted that the report was simply "idiotic." Obviously the White House wouldn't reveal who the designated survivor was, sharp-witted users said, since their identity would need to be kept secret to prevent any would-be terrorist from trying to take out the entire government.
CNN wasn't the only one to dabble in irresponsible journalism ahead of Friday's inauguration ceremony. On Thursday, NBC's Today reported that the US Secret Service is setting up countermeasures to prevent possible terror attacks by tiny radar-resistant drones carrying improvised explosive devices. 
Pumping up the threat of the weaponized bomb-carrying drones, Today reporter Kerry Sanders emphasized that the drones were "fast, nimble, and because they're plastic — stealth," making them "a worst case scenario, especially with hundreds of thousands of people all gathered in one spot, like at the inauguration…" 
Pointing to the regular use of weaponized drones by Daesh in Iraq, a drone countermeasure expert told Today that the inauguration would "not something I would feel safe at."

CNN imagines assassination of Donald Trump and Mike Pence
Adam Garrie

20 January,, 2017

Just when you thought CNN couldn't get any worse....
CNN have hit a new low. They have gone from a pro-Clinton mouthpiece to a fake news stalwart, and now they have devolved into a vulgar conspiracy minded ‘piece of garbage’.

That last epithet is of course what Donald Trump assigned to fake news outlet Buzzfeed.

Like school-boy scoundrels, they imagined what might happen if Donald Trump, Mike Pence, The Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Pro-Tem Senate leader, were all murdered in a massive attack.

They then described how in the event of such an ungodly event it would be Obama’s cabinet members who would be in-line to become President.

Let me explain my disgust.

Firstly, fantasising about the murder of leaders is deplorable. Never in the height of the Cold War would any proper American media outlet have fantasised about ‘what are the possibilities of Brezhnev being assassinated’.  Nor in the USSR would Nu Pogodi have been interrupted for a special broadcast about ‘The top 10 ways to murder Richard Nixon’.

CNN has hit really hit rock bottom. Not content to have been an open Clinton propaganda mouth-piece, their reporters now indulge themselves with fantasies of a terrorist attack or worse could take the lives of American representatives of all parties.

As someone who is familiar with RT’s programming, I know that RT would never dare to do such a thing. I am also confident that if RT’s sensible editorial staff were to go insane and decided to do something like that, everyone in the West would round on them for doing so.

For CNN to engage in such a fantasy less than 24 hours prior to the inauguration of a democratically elected US President is beyond wrong.

For the record, I am a Trump supporter, but time and time again during the campaign I wished Hillary Clinton personally well when she seemed to be struggling with health problems.

My conscience is clear. Is yours CNN?

And then there’s this!

Donald Trump is a one-man basket of deplorables. He is a braggart and a liar. He is a bully and a demagogue. He is an ignoramus and a deadbeat, a chiseler and either a sincere racist or an insincere one, and his love for himself is matched only by my loathing of him. He is about to be president of the United States. A constitutional coup may be in the offing.

Since winning the election, Trump has not moderated his behavior. He still behaves like a brat — his childish tweet zinging Arnold Schwarzenegger for failing to get Trumpian ratings on “The New Celebrity Apprentice” being the most amusing example. Many of the others were just plain lies, the most serious being his earlier troubling statements regarding Russian efforts to affect the election. As always, Trump made this about himself — not, as it should be, about a foreign power meddling in our democracy......

CNN Claims Its Credibility is Higher Than Ever After Being Caught Publishing ‘Fake News’

We Are Change,
Jan 19, 2017

In an incredulous comment, CNN President Jeff Zucker told New York Magazine that the network’s credibility is higher than ever.”

This comes after CNN released a non-vetted report on president-elect Donald Trump suggesting that the Russian government was blackmailing him for financial and personal reasons. That report is now known to be fake, and was allegedly created by an ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele, and then promoted by 4chan.

This resulted in Trump blasting CNN as “Fake News,” and shutting down one of their reporters when he questioned Trump.

Your organization is terrible… No… I’m not going to give you a question. You are FAKE NEWS!” Trump said.

Hold on, isn’t this the same CNN that has a habit of cutting its feed during confrontational interviews and blaming it on satellite issues?

Isn’t this the same network that posted biased polls about Clinton?
The same network whose analyst—Donna Brazile—became the interim DNC chairperson, and then gave debate questions to the Clinton campaign ahead of the debate?

CNN’s credibility is also under high scrutiny by much of the public for its biased coverage and sensational reporting.

Zucker feels differently though, and is living in a fantasy world. It has been eight months since Trump has done an interview with CNN, and Zucker still seemed convinced that the next president would give in to the network once he realizes its impact.
It doesn’t worry me that Donald Trump hasn’t done an interview with CNN in eight months. One of the things I think this administration hasn’t figured out yet is that there’s only one television network that is seen in Beijing, Moscow, Seoul, Tokyo, Pyongyang, Baghdad, Tehran and Damascus — and that’s CNN. The perception of Donald Trump in capitals around the world is shaped, in many ways, by CNN. Continuing to have an adversarial relationship with that network is a mistake.”

However, it remains to be seen whether Trump will extend press access to CNN, or whether he will give more access to alternative media journalists and bloggers.

CNN was also named the least trusted network among its viewers” earlier this month. According to a poll from Rasmussen Reports, when viewer were asked if they trust the political news they are getting from the mainstream media networks, 50 percent of Fox views, 43 percent of MSNBC viewers and just 33 percent of CNN viewers said they trust their political news.

I will leave the final word to Vladimir Putin

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