Tuesday 31 January 2017

Trump fires acting attorney general for refusal to enforce 'extreme vetting' order

No matter your politics, this is a grave concern. A government which refuses to respect the orders of its own courts is called a regime.

From RT

Trump fires acting attorney general for refusal to enforce 'extreme vetting' order

Trump On A Roll, Fires Director Of Immigration And Customs Enforcement

Having said the infamous words "you're fired" once already this evening, when President Trump relieved acting AG Sally Yates of her duties just after 9pm Eastern, and perhaps realizing just how much he missed the sound, moments ago Trump also relieved acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Daniel Ragsdale, who was replaced with Thomas Homan, who previously led ICE's "efforts to identify, arrest, detain, and remove illegal aliens, including those who present a danger to national security or are a risk to public safety, as well as those who enter the United States illegally or otherwise undermine the integrity of our immigration laws and our border control efforts."

There was no immediate reason given for Ragsdale's dismissal.

The White House on dissenting diplomats: “they can go”

Sean Spicer told reporters today that if State Department officials don't like the executive order mandating a refugee ban they can quit.

These career bureaucrats have a problem with it? They should either get with the program or they can go…If somebody has a problem with that agenda, that does call into question whether or not they should continue in that post.
Sean Spicer

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