Friday 27 January 2017

An update

I feel that it is time to provide an update on myself and my health as this is seriously affecting my ability to maintain what I have been doing on an everyday basis for 5, almost 6 years now.

Recently, and especially since the New Year I have found it increasingly difficult to spend more than small amounts of time at the computer.

Energy levels are very low and so are levels of intellectual abiltiies – as in the ability to concentrate for more than short periods of time.

I have found that I tend grid my loins to save up my energy to get through special events such as Guy McPherson's visit in December and then collapse without necessarily recovering.

As far as how the medical profession’s ability to help is concerned it all reminds me of the situation with abrupt climate change. It seems that you have people that are able to explain small bits (as if the body-mind was divisible!) and very few people who can join the dots. There are all sorts of self-proclaimed experts who want to suggest simple remedies with full confidence that they are going to restore me to full health.

Well, I live in my own body and am fairly sensitive to it and have the advantage (or is it a disadvantage?) of some knowledge and I can tell you that there is very little I haven’t heard of or even tried in the past.

I have been to have an endoscopy at the hospital and diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and with reflux. Although this is bad enough I know enough to say that this is only a small part of my condition.

Advice I trust tells me that the drugs and (keyhole) surgery they offer is unlikely to change the symptom picture so until I can can consult with my trusted doctor in March I shall give things such as papaya extract and pancreatic enzymes a try.

For some reason this makes me think of a story about Mullah Nasraddin who was found eating hot chillies and in a sweat. When asked why he was doing this he replied “I’m looking for a sweet one”.

When it comes t this blog I shall contribute as much as I can on a less frequent basis by posting things that one is less likely to be aware of rather than daily headlines from whatever source.

Who can keep up with Donald Trump’s latest edicts anyhow?

If I don’t post for a day or two don’t worry. I’m still here (at least for the time being) and should be back within a day or two. 

If it hasn't become obvious to my readers my level of fatalism (or a belief in predestination) is reasonably high and my thirst for life within this body is not high.

Thanks for your attention

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  1. Thanks for all you do. I will be forever grateful for your efforts. If, in the future, you only post once a week, I'll be here.


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