Friday 27 January 2017

High CO2 levels

I am not sure what to read from this – but this was posted on my Facebook.

Have you looked at Nullschool? It's was all orange and yellow just a few days ago, the readings are all around 450 ppm globally. What is up here, it's surely hasn't spiked worldwide like this?"

📈 407.29 parts per million (ppm) in atmosphere Jan. 25, 2017 🔗 Mauna Loa data via

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  1. To Earth Nul School - Why are you showing C02 levels of over 460 in the northern hemisphere and maybe 435 ish in the southern? It appears 'we' had 20 years worth of human emissions over a 3 hour period, I hope something is wrong with your system. Regards Robert
    Reply Earth - Yes! This is a bug. Will be fixing soon.


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